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Welcome the App Invasion Wiki!!

UNIQd148b412392c4feb-h-1--QINUHow to contribute

Just login to your App Invasion account from the homepage and you should automatically have edit/create permissions here.

UNIQd148b412392c4feb-h-2--QINUHow to create a new page

It's actually alot simpler the it seems. You just go to the page you'd like to create, for example: http://www.AppInvasion.com/wiki/New_Game_Wiki (assuming you want to create that page) and click the "Create" or "edit this page" link.

UNIQd148b412392c4feb-h-3--QINUHow to edit a page

Just click the edit link/tab on the top left of any wiki page and go at it. Everything is in mediawiki markup or html though so you'll need a basic understanding of either.

Here's a site with more details.


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