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Welcome to Pocket Tales Wiki! This site is created for Pocket Tales Fans. On this site you can find lots of information, tips, events, video's, guides and more!

All credits goes to writer(s) from in-house team, and contributor(s) of Pocket Tales. Feel free to join our team! =)

What is Pocket Tales about and How do you Play? It's a social game with harvesting, farming and battle.

You become a HERO who has been summoned from an eternal sleep by god, Odin, to expand and grow a peaceful Island with your PocketTales friends.

(Produce) a fun way to create a beautiful town by harvesting various crops. (Battle) an exciting battle to defeat enemies with your friends! select your own party member! (Socialize) a great social system to connect with friends all over the world~

Play with friends from all over the world, if you need help, call SOS, and ask help from your friends, you will earn more gold and hearts, experience level just by your friends' visits.

Main Hero

When you create your Pocket Tales account, you can hire one Hero. These Heroes are as follows :

Warrior: Warrior uses his high HP and DEF to protect the other party members. They use skills to distract the monster to save the party.

Archer: Archer is a ranged attacker specializing in shooting arrows. She deals large damage to enemies regardless of how many there are.

Wizard: Wizard heals allies from the rear. She is necessary for a stable party structure.

Sorcerer: Sorcerer has powerful ranged magic attacks but low HP. She Defeats multiple enemies with various area of effect magic skills.

Berserker: Berserker is an offensive Hero with powerful area of effect skills to fight against multiple enemies at once.


Each Hero has two skills:

Hero Skill 1 Skill 2
Warrior Bash War Cry
Berserker Frenzy Whirlwind
Archer Triple Shot Strafe
Sorcerer Blast Lightning
Wizard Fireball Heal

Skill Explanation

Bash: Performs 3 powerful slashing attacks on a single target.

War Cry: Draws the enemy's attention to make it attack you.

Frenzy: Performs a series of quick attacks on a target.

Whirlwind: Creates a blade-like whirlwind around the Berserker.

Triple Shot: Shoots a powerful arrow to a single target.

Strafe: Shoots a rain of arrows to all monsters on the field.

Blast: Releases the cold to deal damage and imprisons a small monster on ice.

Lightning: Attacks all monsters on the field with a powerful thunderbolt.

Fireball: Throws a huge ball of fire to deal great damage to a monster.

Heal: Restores 30 HP to all party members.


Pocket Tales is free to play but there are premium currencies that you can purchase within the game.

There 3 types of currencies in Pocket Tales: Gold, Pearls, Hearts.


The main type of currency is Gold. Gold is earned for free in game. They are used to buy almost every item and are needed to progress in the game. When you need more gold faster, you can always trade Pearls for Gold.

Name Pearl Cost Gold Earned
Gold Package 10 30000
Luxury Gold Package 20 66000
Bounty Gold Package 50 195000
Premium Gold Package 100 480000
Gold Basket 200 1200000
Bounty Gold Box 600 3600000


Pearls are premium currency that can be purchased with real money.

White Pearls

White Pearls are what you gain when you purchase them with real money. White Pearls do not expire.

Name Cost($) Pearls Earned
Pearl Package $2.01 20
Luxury Pearl Package $5.04 60
Premium Pearl Package $10.07 130
Pearl Box $20.18 270
Luxury Pearl Box $40.36 630
Premium Pearl Box $100.90 1800

Black Pearls

Black Pearls have the same function as the White Pearls but you can gain them through quests and rewards. When you use Pearls to make production faster, Black Pearls are used first. This is because Black Pearls have a shelf life of 3 months compared to White Pearls, which do not expire.


Hearts are social currency earned through social activities. With Hearts you can open Treasure chests or buy production buildings the beautify your Island.


Workers hired with Gold can handle specific tasks, while Pearl workers can do everything.

Gold Workers

- Uca: Gather Wood
- Beaver: Fish
- Dragon: Mine ruby

Pearl Workers

- Big Tail
- Wind
- Catsher

There is a limit to how many Gold Workers you can have based on your Island Level but there is no limit to how many Pearl Workers you can have.

Workers roam the Island when they are not working. To find them, tap on an empty space on the Island and they appear.

Farms and Ranches

Farm can grow various Crops.

Crops grown on Normal Farm wither. Crops grown on Mysterious Farm does not wither.


Crops Cost(G) Production Time
Wheat 0 15 Sec
Bean 10 1 Min 30 Sec
Potato 15 30 Mins
Carrot 20 2 Hrs
Eucalyptus 30 4 Hrs
Pumpkin 45 8 Hrs
Corn 50 11 Hrs
Mushroom 25 3 Hrs
Strawberry 45 6 Hrs
Watermelon 95 16 Hrs
Grape 70 9 Hrs
Cabbage 110 14 Hrs
Tomato 55 4 Hrs
Apple 110 10 Hrs
Bamboo 175 24 Hrs

When crops are done growing, they stay alive for the double time of Production Time. When they wither, they can be saved by your friends or you can discard them by tapping on the withered crops.

You can get different animal ranches to gather products you need. Animals eat specific crops to start producing.


Animal Unlock(Lvl) Food Product
Cow 1 Wheat Milk
Chicken 3 Bean Egg
Pig 4 Potato Pork
Horse 5 Carrot Horse Leather
Koala 7 Eucalyptus Eucalyptus Oil
Rhinoceros 8 Pumpkin Rhinoceros Horn
Peacock 10 Corn Peacock Feather
Must Deer 11 Mushroom Scented Bag
Elk 14 Strawberry Elk Antler
Elephant 16 Watermelon Ivory
Ostrich 18 Grape Ostrich Feather
Turkey 22 Cabbage Turkey Meat
Goat 25 Tomato Goat Milk
Sheep 28 Apple Mutton
Panda 31 Bamboo Lucky Bag


There are two types of Production Factories; Ones that produce gold and ingredients automatically and ones that produce products manually.

Production Factories can be purchased with Gold, Pearls, or Hearts and they produce specific products.

Production Factories

Factory Unlock(Lvl) Cost Product
Employment Office 1 1000G Workers
Yogurt Shop 4 500G Yogurt
Bakery 6 350G Bread
Sawmill 7 900G Decoration Items
Sausage Factory 7 950G Sausage
Sushi Shop 11 4480G Sushi
Smithy 13 6000G Weapons and Armor
Perfume Shop 15 4030G Perfume
Fairy Factory 18 53000G Fairy Star
Strawberry Milk Factory 19 7390G Strawberry Milk
Strawberry Candy Factory 22 12700G Strawberry Candy
Wooden Block Factory 23 313000G Wooden Block
Wine Factory 25 17900G Wine
Canned Tuna Factory 27 360000G Canned Tuna
Smoked Turkey Factory 28 27700G Smoked Turkey
Cheese Factory 30 35400G Cheese
Kebab Shop 32 50100G Kebab
Hamburger Shop 34 118000G Hamburger
Ivory Flute Factory I&II 35 60P or 488000G Ivory Flute
Bamboo Salt Factory I&II 38 50P or 420000G Bamboo Salt
Crystal Bear 40 120000H Crystal Bear
Pharaoh Stone Workshop I&II 40 90P or 700000G Pharaoh Stone Statue

Auto Produce

Building Unlock(Lvl) Cost Reward How Often
Small House 6 1080G 30G 2 Hrs
Mushroom House 7 5000G 150G, 20EXP 4 Hrs
Alchemy Center 8 10800G 600G, 30EXP 12 Hrs
Firework Shop 9 18000G 1300G, 150EXP 24 Hrs
Villa 10 19000G 1000G, 100EXP 16 Hrs
Quarry 11 7000G Stones and Gold NA
Cathedral 13 38000G 2200G, 50EXP 48 Hrs
Hair Shop 14 45000G 1500G, 300EXP 48 Hrs
Daycare 15 25000H 8000G, 1300EXP 120 Hrs
Photo Studio 16 40000G 1000G, 400EXP 48 Hrs
Jewel Shop 19 63000G 1200G, 600EXP 72 Hrs
Bowling Alley 20 710000G 3000G, 1600EXP 96 Hrs
Shoe Repair Shop 21 77000G 300G, 900EXP 72 Hrs
Lovely Windmill 22 50000H 4500G, 3500EXP 120 Hrs
Mansion 23 72000G 2800G 72 Hrs
Pharmacy 24 170000G 2600G, 800EXP 72 Hrs
Goldfish Shop 25 350000G 3200G, 1600EXP 72 Hrs
Windmill 25 152000G 500G, 1100EXP 72 Hrs
Spa World 25 1050000G 3000EXP 240 Hrs
Music Box Shop 26 207000G 3600G, 400EXP 96 Hrs
Flower Shop 27 216000G 3800G 72 Hrs
Street Painter 29 420000G 3200G, 1300EXP 72 Hrs
Cosmetics Shop 30 600000G 1600EXP 48 Hrs
Uca Stone Statue 31 1860000G 14000G, 5000EXP 480 Hrs
Luxury Jewel Shop 32 1500000G 9000G, 2400EXP 96 Hrs
Magic Shop 32 35000H 18000G, 4000EXP 240 Hrs
Lighthouse 33 366000G 3600G, 1000EXP 96 Hrs
Cooking Center 35 490000G 5600G 72 Hrs
Halloween Pumpkin 36 1870000G 7000EXP 360 Hrs
Pub 37 640000G 500G, 2200EXP 72 Hrs
Viking Door 38 800000G 3000G, 2000EXP 72 Hrs
Leaning Tower of Island 38 200000H 60000G, 60000EXP 720 Hrs
Circus 40 3200000G 6000G, 4800EXP 72 Hrs
Hot Springs 40 887000G 1000G, 2400EXP 72 Hrs


What is a Battle?: You can fight boss monsters and their minions with your 4 friends. A battle is played in real time and your Hero automatically fights a boss monster. You can aid the battle by giving orders like move, attack, and use your Hero's skills. You can participate in 20 battles a day and can hire the same friend once a day. Rewards: You can earn EXP, Hearts, and Gold by winning a battle. Also, you can receive material items from the boss. Your friends who helped can also receive EXP, Hearts, and Gold. Mode: There are 5 different types of Monsters you can fight and each of them have 3 different levels: Easy, Normal, Hard. To advance to the next level, you must beat the previous level. If you defeat all bosses in all difficulties, Master Mode becomes available. In Master Mode, bosses and their minions become stronger and two bosses appear at the same time. If you win a battle in Master Mode, you can get special materials.


Each Monster gives you ingredients so you can create armor and weapon to make your Hero stronger.

Monster Easy Normal Hard
Boris Big Boss Bone Big Boss Mane Mysterious Blue Ore
Rock Star Rock Star Leather Rock Star Bracelet Rock Star Fingernail

Rock Star Mane

Tex Texas Horn Texas Leather Texas Armor Piece

Mysterious Red Ore

Kani Kani Kani Kani Claws Kani Kani Shell Golden Coral

Bright Gem

Dragon Mysterious Purple Ore Dragon Horn Mysterious Green Ore

Move: Move your Hero by dragging a line to the desired location. Monster Attack: Monsters automatically attack Heroes who attack the most or just recovered. Warrior's War Cry makes monsters turn to the caster to protect other party members. Use Skills: A hero's skill icon appears periodically. Tap on the icon to use the skill. The icon disappears after a certain period of time.

Social Aspect

Add friends to get help or to help others around the Islands.

Ways to Add friends: You can add friends by searching their nickname. If you don't have a specific username to search, then you can add the recommended friends.

Why need friends?

  • Friends can help you reduce the time of the production buildings.
  • You need friends' Heroes to fight the monsters.
  • Friends can gift you some of the items that cannot be produced on your Island.
  • Friends can help you save the withered crops and produce.
  • You need friends to finish certain quests. (ie. Help your friend 20 times)
  • You can earn Hearts through social interactions. You can open treasure chests or buy certain buildings that can only be purchased with Hearts.
  • Write on each other's visitor board and ask for help.

--WeMade GM (talk) 06:23, 26 December 2014 (UTC)WeMade GM

Pocket Tales is now available for your Android phone (free download), come create a beautiful Island with your friends.