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    Alrighty, ima start this off by saying that i have never been good at team building in this game, nor do i think i ever will; But, im sure there are some badasses out there in the world who could help a brother out by just throwing him a bone. Ive been getting back into the game after what has been 2 to 3 years of being gone, and now im even more confused than ever.

    K, done with rant/explanation, lets get to my Unit/Hero's (whatever)

    *5 Borgos
    *4 Leon
    *4 Joan
    *4 Susanoo
    *4 Monte
    *4 Kaori
    *4 Uzimant
    *4 Victoria

    *6 Athena
    *5 Thor
    *5 Alex
    *5 Achilles
    *4 Captain

    *5 Atalante
    *5 Lee
    *4 R-9999
    *4 Giparang
    *4 Kaguya

    *5 Spiny
    *5 Ruby
    *4 Spyro
    *4 Sentinal D

    *6 Benjamin
    *4 Sasquach
    *4 Lupeow
    *4 Violet

    *6 Mew
    *5 Yeow
    *5 Nurpsy
    *5 Aria
    *4 Siren

    Closing notes: Again, would greatly appreciate feedback as to who to max and who excels with who or who i should shoot to snag next (legendaries/promote heros i dont have) in order to create a team that would do well in Colo, WB, PVE, and FOS (maybe). Thank you, thank you, have a nice day.

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