Winter Events 2016 + Login Campaign

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    Revel in Winter with Brave Frontier! (Winter 2016 Summary of Events)
    12-15-2016, 12:14 AM

    Enjoy the holidays this Winter 2016!

    Special events and rewards for all~ Enjoy the holidays!

    (December 15 00:00 PST - January 13 23:59 PST)
    I. Global Exclusive Limited Edition Zeruiah Omni Unleashed! (Dec 14 PST)
    Zeruiah's vast knowledge and ultimate divine powers is unveiled as her Omni Evolution is now awakened! HERE


    Winter Special Summon & Winter Bundles! (Dec 14 7:00 PST - Dec 17 6:59 PST)

    For a limited 3-days, enjoy 3 exclusive Winter Bundles offering Summon Tickets, Winter Special Items and Candies Peppermint Sticks! Check more details HERE

    Winter Daily Ticket Packs (Dec 17: 0:00 PST - Dec 26 23:59 PST)

    Available every day over 10 days, grab these daily Ticket Pack with bonus Winter Special Items!


    Winter Login Campaign (Dec 15 0:00 PST - Jan 13 23:59 PST)

    Log in during the campaign period to get up to 10 Gems, a Summon Ticket, Exclusive Winter 2016 Unit, Fusion Materials, Evolution Materials, & Rare Items! Check more details HERE


    RERUN: Winter Glades and Glittering Wintertide (Dec 15 0:00 PST - Dec 20 23:59 PST)

    Have another chance to clear past Seasonal Vortex Dungeons and get their rewards! Check more details HERE

    New Winter Vortex (Coming Soon)

    Craft New Seasonal Spheres!
    FREE Omni-potential Winter 2016 Unit's Evolution materials can be found in the Winter 2016 Vortex Dungeon


    More details for the various events will be revealed before the events start.

    Winter Login Campaign

    Winter Login Campaign [December 15, PST]
    12-14-2016, 07:34 AM


    Summoners! Celebrate this Holiday Season with our Winter Login Campaign.
    Earn rewards as you login and play from December 15, 0:00 to January 13, 23:59 PST!

    What's more? Get a NEW and EXCLUSIVE Omni-Potential Christmas Unit on your 10th Login and receive up to 10 Bonus Gems and 1 Summon Ticket from our awesome Holiday Calendar!

    Please see the daily gifts below:

    Day 1 - Peppermint Stick x10
    Day 2 - Gemx1
    Day 3 - Imp set x 3
    Day 4 - Gem x1
    Day 5 - Brave Medals x120
    Day 6 - Gem x1
    Day 7 - Burst Frog x5
    Day 8 - Burst Emperor x3
    Day 9 - Gems x2
    Day 10 - Free 7-star Toy Soldier Haido
    Day 11 - Merit Points x20000
    Day 12 - Miracle Totem x2
    Day 13 - Gems x2
    Day 14 - Imp Key x2
    Day 15 - Sphere Frog x1
    Day 16 - Legend Stone x2
    Day 17 - Crescent Dew x5
    Day 18 - Gems x3
    Day 19 - Wooden Soldier x10 (Crafting Material for Toy Soldier ES Sphere) + Toy Badge x1 (Crafting Material for Toy Soldier Evolution Material Toy Medal)
    Day 20 - Summon Ticket x1

    • Toy Soldier Haido is an omni potential unit with details to be disclosed at a later date.
    • Crafting Materials for Toy Soldier Haido Evolutionand ES Sphere can also be acquired in our upcoming Holiday Season Vortex on Dec 21 PST.
    So what are you waiting for? Login NOW and grab these awesome gifts that awaits you this Festive Season!

    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel:
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    More free login rewards.

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