Which Healer should I get for the anniversary event?

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    Hi guys!:)
    I don't know which healer should i get as a free unit thanks to the anniversary event.
    I have different 7* but not a Healer (I don't consider Tridon and Alice a Healer), so I want to ask you which is the best unit for me at the moment.
    more: iris garden
    I doubt if i should choose a healer that also Mitigate (like Elimo or Krantz) or a pure Healer (like Aurelia).
    I know that tecnically a Healer/Mitigator is the best choice because I use only 1 spot for a Support unit and don't 2 (one for a healer and one for a mitigator), but if I choose Elimo, I can find useless moments for her because she has no offensive use, while if i choose Krantz, i'm scared that he can't Heal very well and against a Damage reflector he is not enough.
    The problem with Aurelia, as i said, is that I have to use also a Mitigator because she Heals only, occupyng another spot.
    I consider also Chalra, but she doesn't mitigate (like Aurelia) and Heals only with BB.
    I hope someone can help me with my choice!

    Ps: Does someone know if we have to tell the selected unit before the 4th November, or we can tell also on the 30th November??
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