What kind of units should you add to a squad for difficult bosses?

Discussion in 'Units' started by blackcats, Dec 7, 2016.

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    Well, I feel like I have finally hit a dead end on RC. I'm not able to solo the second half of RC5 and that one boss you're supposed to solo at the end.
    I have 7 Star Shera and 7 star Eclise. In other words, mitigator and healer.
    What do them big league frontier players add to the squad to fight these guys? What types of units, or even what specific units should I add against these guys aside from a healer and mitigator? (which I both already already have) I assume that sustainability over damage might be more suitable? If not, advice pls

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    What else fills your raid team? After covering mitigation, think about what buffs you have and don't have. The basic ATK/DEF, then BB generators, etc.

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