What does the MARK1 MARK2 etc mean in the ship shop

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    in the shop,every ship has a certain mark.is it a ranking given by the developer or sth ?thx
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    Mark is used in reality to describe stages of development. A higher mark (example: Mark 4) is further progressed than a lower (example: Mark 1).
    In game it may be a reference to differently developed versions of the ship. For example, the Proto Widow is designated with Mark 1, while the Ion Wolf is designated with Mark 4. There are two other ships filling the spaces between as well. It does not seem valuable information to me currently because the Battleship Omega is Mark 1, although it is known to be among the best and most expensive ships. It could also be a reference to what the ships are "meant" to do, because the Ubatuba class ships slowly develop more turrets while reducing in tech modifications, and not progressing in hangars either. with the Ion Wolf class it develops more turrets until the fourth mark, Ion Wolf, it returns to being a carrier. I assume some form of association like this can be found in all the ships, although I do not feel like searching through them at this moment. I hope I have provided some clarification, or at least an interesting idea to consider.

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