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    Haven't seen a profile on JVD, so figured I'd throw a few thoughts out there while I'm waiting for the update to finish.

    Missions: Sneaky good lead character for missions. Leadership gives 3% boost to offense/defense and 1% to speed for all characters. Wasp makes every other character overall better. There are better bonuses for physical/energy attack, overall defense and speed, but Wasp offers a good mix of all skill boosts. She doesn't have any great AOE attacks, but her charge attack can hit and blind multiple enemies, and her 5* skill grants her temporary invulnerability while in use. Takes a hit for not having 4 attacks skills. Pairs well with several characters for team bonuses.

    Arena: Not ideal for arena. Only having 3 attacks is again a detriment. Her base attack is a bit too slow for me and the leadership bonus she offers isn't as helpful in Arena's shorter battles.

    Multiplayer Arena: Pairs well with most characters. It seems that most people use melee type characters that need to be up close to damage a villain. Having a really fast blast character to do damage from a far can be the difference between a level completion and the entire team getting wiped out from one unfortunately laggy rock fall.

    VS: Great for VS. It helps that she's a Blast character and has the increased damage against Doc and Bullseye. Her 5* also lets you dodge Doc's lasers, though not on the Multiplayer mode.

    Overall, I'd say 7.5 out of 10. She's by no means in the top tier of heroes, but she's not as far from that top tier as she is from the bottom tier. 3 useful skills, 1 decent buff skill, and pretty good cool-down times.

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