Update 2.4.0 drops in today

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    And on her scooter are the numbers "817" ... the date when Update 2.4.0 is released.


    Along with Gwenpool (speed), we will also get White Tiger (combat), Squirrel Girl (speed), Wiccan (blast), Songbird (blast) and Hulkling (combat), all releasing with 6* and Tier-2 abilities. Their biometrics are boss drops in their own levels as part of the new New Avengers Special Missions, but Gwenpool's biometrics are Dimension Shifter boss drops in the new Special Missions.


    Nebula and Wasp get new uniforms which will be on discounted sale for a limited time after the update is released.

    Head on over to the Mobirum forums for more details of Update 2.4.0! And now obligatory official trailer

    And of course Gwenpool has to get in on it!

    Not to be outdone, the New Avengers

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