Free iOS Traffic Rush 2 (By Donut Games)

Discussion in 'Game Threads' started by nd4spd25, Nov 28, 2015.

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    Hi there! I am personally really fed up with traffic, city life rush and everything that comes along. Seeing your post just reminded me that I have to get back to it all tomorrow! When it comes to the game being displayed here, I will have to say that it looks pretty dull! I cannot even compare it to my favourite platformer! I have been playing it for years and I am surprisingly still addicted! However, I will also have to admit that folks at are pretty good at their art. They came up with so many cool apps; the team totally deserve some recognition for it all! I noticed that has been highlighting their titles pretty well, it’s certainly helping! I noticed that you have missed out on Traffic Rush 2’s trailer, it might help others!

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