Tips about CA for not being stressed

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    Dear all players,

    I usually post comments on RockU, and I'm going to post about my strategies for CA.
    My strategies are mainly targeted who is Summoner or higher, but this also helps Rookie as well,

    Strategy 1.
    In case your units skipped their BB/SBB, or your attack result wasn't something you have expected (e.g. 0 kill).

    -> Just Task kill your BF, and simply restart the client then go back to CA, they may act differently, and they may use BB/SBB.
    As notification, you have to task kill BEFORE the turn ends, it will start from next turn if you were late.
    As 2nd notification, you can also change the enemy's action. They may target different unit, and your units may survive.
    As 3rd notification, you can't change "Enemy Strike First", however, you may change enemy's action by task kill and you still have a chance to win by not allow them to cast BB/SBB or make them to focus attack on the unit you can sacrifice.

    Strategy 2.
    In case your enemies are ready to use their BB/SBB and the random rule is either "Atk parameter halved" or "No Leader Skill", and you don't want to take a risk of "Enemy Strike First".

    -> Just battle with a decoy unit to make them to cast their BB/SBB, since enemy can't carry over their SBB and they can't fill any BB/HP at the end of winning turn. You can keep doing this until your enemy waste all BB/SBB gauge. But be careful, Raaga, Kira, Ivris have unique arena AI that they won't cast their BB/SBB unless there is an opponent unit which has lower than 25% of HP. So you can actually ignore their BB from the beginning. If you don't have many units you can use as decoys, use Totems, Crystals, and Golden Gods. You can keep using them by selling/fusing after you sacrificed. Make sure you sell/fuse the one which has been dead.

    To combine Strategy 1 & 2, you can survive much longer than just wish your RNG. In my opinion, CA is taking too much your time, and it is not worth it. However if you want promotion ASAP, use these. Because Gumi might change this behavior.

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    Only if gumi released CA again...

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