Tier 5 Promotion Items After Removal From App Store

Discussion in 'Star Wars Assault Team' started by Zachary Zagnoni, Apr 20, 2015.

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    I was curious if anyone knew the best place to find the Medal of Alderran T4 promotion item for Leia, the Rebel Helmet for Luke, Holochess for R2-D2, and whatever the name of the thing is that C-3P0 needs. I read somewhere that the helmet can be found in The Gotal District level but I didn't know if this still held true after the removal of the app.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. Medal, helmet and holochess dropped for me from arena crates (those bought for bounties) - both silver and gold. 2nd holochess dropped for me as end of season arena reward (champions league) but I lost that one because I cleared my cache directly after playing SWAT and it was gone (lol). Unfortunatelly I never got my hands on C3PO thing though, as yet.

    However normal arena fights don't work for me anymore since this season (last season it started working again - first time since 5 earlier months). I'm on IOS device.
  3. Oh and I would have replied to you 3 days ago if it wasn't for some weird captcha mechanism that I have seen here for the first time, which I couldn't resolve in any way.

    Luckly the easy and familair captcha picture puzzle is back here now.

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    I got the medal, the gold dice and super holocron on the gotal district just today, after a week trying to get the dice. Unfortunately I can't login to the game anymore since this afternoon, it keep saying server error authentication, I'm wonderig if the kill the game once for all.... It is a shame I liked it very much.
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    Cam any body confirm the game is still rumning? thanks
  6. Chrisnek

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    Currently the game is no longer running (Error: [CommandAuthenticate]502

    I wonder, whether players will sue Disney for damages for having paid REAL money for jewels

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