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    Just wanted to share my experiences with new players. I'm sure most of you have played clash of clans and learned(maybe the hard way) not to rush thru the levels as it can bring your game to an agonizing halt. That is not the case with Super Battle Tactics, at least not yet, there seems to be no down side to rushing thru levels. The quicker you can get access to the super rares the better. Grind against the Bots well you are gaining experience then go HtH against other players to complete the level. Match ups seem to be completely determined by your medal count so don't be afraid to throw some matches to keep your rank low and make it easy to get the three wins in a row you need to pass each level. I was concerned that as I increased in levels the Bots teams would get tougher, this does not seem to be the case. There is always an easy, intermediate, and hard team and the easy team is still a bunch of uncommon tanks for me, so don't worry about getting outclassed. Recently the events have produced some easy to obtain super rares that I suggest you get, these will make you instantly competitive and make life much easier for you. Supplement these with a few support tanks that opened up as you level and you could skip virtually all of the tanks as you stockpile your parts for the tanks that really matter, the super rares. Drive fast and take chances! Good luck

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