The Strange Brew (TSB) looking for a few good members

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    Hey AI crew,

    TSB is looking for a few new members who enjoy the game but want a guild that isn't hard core on rules and such. Here's a little bit more about us to sway you into joining us! :)

    GP - 56M
    TB Stars - 24
    Pit Raids - Heroic T7 running 2-3 times a week - rotating 9am/3pm/9pm EST to be fair to all members in different time zones
    Tank Raids - Currently 1 good player away from consistent HAAT, that's why we need you!!!!!!
    Tickets - No minimum ticket requirement but we obviously would like 600, will only consider booting for inactivity but life happens first so just let us know if that happens
    Communication - We are LINE based but we also have a discord presence

    TSB is also part of a larger alliance (MLCN) that has tons of guilds ranging from 100M GP to starter guilds so there are plenty of additional resources at your finger tips!

    In the end we just want to have fun and grow as a guild and a family. The whole alliance/family is here to help us all grow so great advice is there to be utilized.

    If this is something you would like to be a part of please reach out to me here or you can contact me in these other ways:

    LINE: nellaneb
    Ally Code: 856-924-562

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