Suggestion Me How to Play This Game?

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    Run game -> Go to lobby -> Select the mode type (Solo, Duo, Squad) -> Click Play -> Once the matching is complete, you will automatically enter a game

    What are the modes?
    1) Solo: Fight against 99 other players to become the last one standing.
    2) Duo: Group up with a friend or someone random as a team of two to fight against other Duos and become the last duo or one standing.
    3) Squad: Group up with up to three other friends or someone random. The team can be as big as a group of four. Fight against other squads to become the last squad or one standing.

    FPP (First Person Perspective): Playing the game in the eyes of the character. It is not possible to switch to Third Person mode from this game mode.

    TPP (Third Person Perspective): Playing the game from behind the character allowing you to see the whole character. It is possible to change to the first-person perspective by pressing.

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