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    Forum has been slow lately and to be honest events have seemed so much like past events that there doesn't seem to be much to discuss. But this topic seems useful.

    Please share you tips as well.

    To me it seems like the trick is to identify which lineup works best against the type of opponent you're facing and try not to lose key units while sacrificing expendable ones. As a free player I do not have any epic rares so I'll post the lineups that worked for me up until map 2 of Extra Hard on the last event WFC chapter 1.

    Enemy type 1: Target

    This type of team is the most common one. You must use target and sometimes scramble to take these guys out one at time. The general wisdom seems to be to bring 2 FS units and 2 heavy hitters. Not having epic units I just put 4 FS units with the most power or attack bonus. I used Spinister, Ramjet, Swoop and either Blades or Vortex. If I can't get through without having to sacrifice a unit I bring a Brainstorm for that purpose.

    Enemy type 2: Multistrike or decoy

    Very hard to get through without losing units unless the rolls just go your way. Good news is you can usually target a unit without having to use scramble so take out a unit per round and use reroll and draw fire when necessary. I bring disposable units like Onslaught and Scorponok mixed with evasion units like Ramjet, Punch/Counterpunch and Scourge Nemesis Prime.

    Enemy type 3: Draw fire

    You have to use scramble II against them and target to take out a unit at a time. I use the same lineup as for the first group. Sometimes mix in Onslaught for the sacrifice.

    As for other tips you can usually farm some type of core and for that you can finish the map with the core and use your daily resets so you don't have to finish all the levels all the time. On the last 2 Strongholds you could also use the easy level to farm cubes faster than the free timer and basically do this game's version of infiniplay.
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