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    Title is pretty self-explanatory. And might I add, WOW this game has changed a lot in the past couple of years... I feel like I'm totally new to the scene again. It's... both refreshing and confusing.

    I was last on here when Guild Raids and the Vortex Arena were all the rage, and it looks like quite a bit of new stuff was added since then... So I'm wondering if I can get a few general tips on what to do to bring myself back up to speed.

    So far I generally know...
    ~ Start by getting to around level 200 or so. So far I'm at 102 after one day, courtesy of the Souls Training Ground.
    ~ Engage in Arena and Raids often
    ~ Complete as much of the main story as possible
    ~ Find a damage mitigator, a healer (preferably with HoT), a Spark BC generator, other basic essentials
    ~ Complete Trials when I can

    Other general tips to get me going again or get my units up to speed faster would help. Tips on what units to watch for among the new summons and the freebies alike would help too.

    So far my notables include...
    ~ FIRE: Laressa, Kurewa & Kuraginn
    ~ WATER: Angler Faelan, Amu Yunos, Selena
    ~ EARTH: Honoka & Hisa
    ~ THUNDER: Gilgamesh, Cerise, Bonnie, Vrana, Ydra
    ~ LIGHT: Sefia (my tutorial summon), Raquiel
    ~ DARK: Gwyll (Lv. 150, UBB, SP), Haido, Lico, Ensa-Taya (She's a normal summon now? What?!)
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