Spectacular with Idiotic Skills!

Discussion in 'Character Discussions' started by AvengerVision, Dec 29, 2015.

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    There are so many Skills in this game that look amazing but not only do they look spectacular, they're spectacularly stupid bits of programming:
    Think of Vision's Microwave Pulse, Captain Marvel's Photon Blast, or Black Bolt's Power Word . . .
    In Vision's case, by the time he rises into the air and comes down with a bang, the villain is on the other side of the Arena, Warehouse, or area of battle. In Cap Marvel's or Black Bolt's case, they fire to the north toward the villain, but by the time the move is executed, the villain is behind them or at the other side of the Arena also!
    SO frustrating.

    Would it be so hard to program the game so that when Skill X is activated, the game slows by 90%? Or could the Villain be paralyzed as soon as you activate the Skill, in order to allow the Skill to have an effect? I know that some of these skills have an area in which the damage hits, eg, 5 meters or something, but I'm guessing that 5 meters isn't enough if the villain is now on the other side of the Arena! And I'm also guessing that if the Skill is firing to the North that it doesn't also affect characters/villains who are now on the south side of the ARENA, behind the Hero?!

    So, yeah . . . spectacular looking but ultimately useless!
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    Useless indeed, when set to auto play. I use autoplay most of the time, and I have seen this. Those skills were meant to be used when actually playing. Autoplay isn't perfect unfortunately, and the game wastes a lot of the characters skills and abilities in the arena especially. And yes, some skills take a little long to execute.
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