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    Soul Seeker Basics 101
    by Xie Zhi Jie


    Scenarios: Map and Dungeon for Story progression as well as places where players earn Gold, Equipments and Heroes, depending on your luck.


    Scenarios Mode: 3 Modes to be played - Normal, Hard and Hell. More gold and experience points will be earn on Hard and Hell Mode. To unlock Hard, players will need to complete all 6 maps and sub-stages on normal mode. Progressively, same goes for Hell mode where Hard mode needs to be cleared.


    Keys, what are they? - Keys are your basic essential “currency” to be used on Scenarios, likewise in other similar mobile or browser game modules, it is also known as “Stamina” or “Energy”.

    Key regeneration: 10 minutes per key, 100 minutes (1 hour, 40 minutes) for a full recovery (10 Keys max/cap).


    Crafting: Crafting will only be available once players have cleared Normal Mode. To craft, players need to farm for basic materials from Scenarios; type and total quantity


    Players can check the drop list pop up before entering any sub-stage in Hard mode or click on the material to check for its specific location drop.

    Initial crafting grade will be 3 star, on subsequent grades, a lower tier grade is needed as base material.

    Craftable Category of Equipments are as follow:

    Sword, Mace, Bow, Spear, Staff


    Armor, Helmet, Shield

    Necklace, Ring

    *Each different Weapons, Armors and Accessories have different bonus stats.


    Arena: A 5v5 weekly Tournament, winning a round earns you 10 points and losing reduces 10 points. Each consecutive win adds 2 additional point; 10+2 for 1st consecutive, 10+4 for 2nd consecutive and so on.


    Arena Reward: Players ranking will determines how much GP (Glory Points) they can acquire at the end of each week’s round up. GP earned can be exchanged for gems.


    Arena Stamina, What are they? - Similar to Keys, used for Arena 5v5 battle against other players

    Arena Stamina Regeneration: 30 minutes per Arena Stamina, 300 minutes (5 hours) for a full recovery (10 Arena Stamina max/cap)


    Tower of Devils: A Tower Dungeon where players progressively work their way to the top and earn specific prizes on first clear and a chance in getting 1 of 25 Devil’s Pieces on random basis.


    Devil’s Pieces: By collecting 25 unique, you’ll be able to trade for a 4 - 6 Star Devil Heroes.


    Tower of Devils Key, What are they? - Similar to Keys, used for Arena 5v5 battle against other players

    Tower of Devils Key Regeneration:: 60 minutes per Devil’s Tower Key, 300 minutes (5 hours) for a full recovery (10 Tower of Devils Key max/cap)



    Marble? - Similar to Monopoly, it is a unique system to receive prizes such as Draw Tickets, Keys, Gems and Clovers every 4 hours. Be sure and remember to PUSH the button every 4 hours.

    Leveling & Evolution Guide


    - Upgrading will add a + to your character and NOT level it up.

    - Maximum is +7 for all rarities

    Evolving (Combine)

    - Combining requires 2 characters of same rarity of max lvl and +7.

    - It will produce a level 1 character of the next higher grade (100% success)

    e.g. (max lvl 3★ +7) + (max lvl 3★ +7) = lvl1 4★


    Recommended farming strategy:

    - Have your strongest character as leader, bring in 4 feeders. Choose a map that you can 100% clear with full auto (and auto skill) and let them run through.

    - Once the feeders are maxed, replace with other feeders

    - Get the max lvl feeders to +7 with upgrades and using 1/2★ as materials and combine them for higher grade characters.

    Upgrading cost

    1★ - 1500 coins per feeder

    2★ - 3000 coins per feeder

    3★ - 6000 coins per feeder

    4★ - 9000 coins per feeder

    5★ - 12000 coins per feeder

    6★ - 15000 coins per feeder
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    this is a super useful info thread for beginners like me to kickstart this complicated game...

    great for ppl with no idea at all to research 1st before starting the game
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    Well the guide is good for starter like me but can I ask you this .if I use a max out Nia (4*) and combine it with another max out Nia (4*) will I get Nia 1lv (5*) or it's just random 5* like usuall

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