So, since you removed the ABP cheat, shouldn't you reconsider arena point mechanics?

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    Yes, I refer to it as a 'cheat,' not a bug. A bug is an unintended line of code that causes an unforeseen error or unintended advantage to players who exploit it. A cheat is something coded in a game that can manually be activated by a player to give some distinct form of advantage.

    Again, it wasn't a bug; it was clearly placed there for people to use.

    However, now that it appears this cheat has been removed, you should reconsider how the points work in the arena. In the beginning, the scoring made sense -- someone with more points than you potentially has a stronger squad than you.

    This made sense, until you reach around rank where your opponents' levels pass 100. At this point, everyone has enough cost to, essentially, build a team of whatever units they please. This means that there is no such thing as a 'stronger team' any more -- we all essentially have the same handful of team constructions. No one really has a stronger team -- we all have 'roughly' the same output, thus the arena changes to, "Fastest Gun in the West." Who can hit/BB the other team the hardest, the fastest. Survival will only get you so far -- even teams whom use the Aegis have a hard time surviving the second turn against my team (before you ask, it's the standard Lodin team)

    I'll keep it short:

    All battles above (Rank 15? 20?) are now worth 200 (300?) points, regardless of who you fight (since 'points' are nothing more than an arbitrary measurement at this point). However, if you lose, you lose 100 (150?). It's fair, it's simple, and it brings back the point of using the ABP cheat:


    It feels REALLY silly fighting the exact same team I use, only to score 30 points for the win.

    I have a LONG way to go, too (Moros rank), and it just got longer thanks to the ABP cheat being shut down.

    Consider this a solution.

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