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    Available FT List:

    **All Anniversary cards available

    Akbar 4/7 sk40
    Akbar x2, IAT 4/7 sk40
    Ani Pad x2
    Ani DW x2, Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Ani Rod x1, 4/7
    Ani TCO Awakened 8/15
    Ashoka FC(New) Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Ashoka WP x2
    Bail x5
    Bodhi x1
    CC Cody x3
    CC rex x3
    CC Rex (Phase 2) x1, 4/7
    Chewy X3
    Chewy HOK x2
    Chewy WW x5
    Chirrut x2
    Finn x1, Awakened 8/15 sk50 x3
    Finn BOT x1
    Han HS x1
    Han QD x1, 4/7
    Hera 4/7 sk40
    Gregor x1
    JJB x2, 8/15 x3
    JJB GS 4/7 sk40
    K2 x3
    Kanan x1
    Ki Adi x1
    Kit Fisto 4/7 sk1
    Lando x2
    Leia ATS x1, Awakened 8/15 sk40
    Leia SC x1
    Leia Sniper x1, 4/7 sk40
    Lor San Tekka x3
    Luke x1, Evo 1
    Luke HTE x2, 4/7 sk1
    Luke JH x6, Awakened sk50 x3
    Luke MOD x1
    Luke JK x4
    Luminara x1
    Mace AJB x1
    Mace Mov x5
    Maz Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Maz PAL x1
    Mothma 4/7 sk40
    Obi BM x1
    Obi JM x1
    Obi Pad x3
    Padme Saw x3, Awakened 8/15
    Padme RS x1
    Plo Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Poe 4/7 sk40
    QGJ x5
    QGJ TFD x3
    QGJ FD x1
    Queen x5
    R2D2 x6, 4/7
    Rako x1
    Rey x1
    Rey SB Awakened 8/15 sk50 x2
    Sabine 4/7
    Sen Palp x5, 4/7 sk1, 4/7 sk40
    Shaak Ti x3, 4/7
    Shaak Ti TG x2
    Wickett x2, Awakened 8/15 sk50 x2
    Yoda saber x10
    Yoda DOE x1
    Yoda RG 4/7 sk1
    Zeb x1, evo2 sk1

    7th Sister x1
    Ani FK x1
    Ani TFO x4, 4/7 sk40
    Asajj Awakened sk50 x3
    Aurra x12, 4/7 x2
    Aurra HG x9, Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Bariss FJ x10, 4/7 sk40
    Black Krr x2
    Boba x7, Awakened 8/15
    Boba TRH x3
    Boba DFH x5, Evo 1, 4/7 sk1, 4/7 sk40 x2
    Boba LOY x1, Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Bossk x3, 4/7 sk1, 4/7 sk22
    Bossk LH x2, Awakened 8/15 sk50
    C2 B5 Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Cad Bane old x7, evo2, 4/7 sk1 x12, 4/7 sk40 x2
    Cad SK Awakened sk50
    CC Appo x8, 8/15 sk40
    CC Cody x1
    CC Thire x8
    Chair Palp x5
    Death Trooper x1
    Dengar x5
    Director Krennic x1
    Director Krennic AWR x2
    Dooku Awakened 8/15 x2
    Dooku DL 4/7 sk1
    Dooku SC Awakened sk50 x2
    Dooku SL x4
    Dooku EOR x3
    Droideka x2
    ERG Awakened 8/15 sk50
    FO Stormtrooper x1
    FO Tie Pilot Awakened sk50
    GG AOK Awakened sk50
    GG LS x2
    GG TAE x3
    Grand Inquisitor x1
    Hondo Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Hux CT Awakened 8/15 x2
    Hux Ram x1
    IG 88 4/7 sk40
    Ithano x1, Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Jabba x3, 4/7
    Jabba CL Awakened 8/15 sk40
    Jango AWP Awakened sk50 x2
    Jango x3, Awakened 8/15 x3
    Jango TOW x3, 4/7 x2 sk1, 4/7 sk40
    Kalani x1, Awakened 8/15 sk40
    Kylo x1
    Kylo SB x1
    Magnaguard x1
    Maul Assassin x1
    Maul Old 4/7, Awakened 16/31
    Maul MR x1
    Maul ROTS x2, 8/15 x2
    Phasma x1
    Phasma FTO x4
    Pong x4, 4/7 sk40
    Sebulba x17, Evo 1
    SCP x3
    Sidious Old x1
    Sid RA x1, 4/7 sk40
    Sid SD x2, 4/7 sk1
    Snoke x5, Awakened sk50
    Stormrooper x2, Awakened 8/15 sk50
    Tarkin x2
    Tarkin TM x4, 4/7 sk40, 4/7 sk1
    Thrawn x2
    Trench x2, Awakened 8/15 sk50 x2
    Vader x6, 4/7 x2
    Vader CC x2
    Vader DOE x3
    Vader HMB Awakened 8/15 sk50 x2
    Vader MOE x1
    Vader TPC x2, Awakened 8/15 sk1
    Veers x7, 4/7 sk40
    Zam x1, 4/7 x3 sk1

    Wampa x39
    Wampa Awakened 8/15
    Rancor x4

    **********Have most 4* available

    Just want to clear my archive and these are the last 3 I need to have all pictured.
    Any Evo works.....if willing to loan...(W collateral of course) I would be happy to send it back once received.

    5* Light
    Lando Clever Move
    ****Battle for Hope support card

    5* Dark
    Vader SOF

    Available FT List:

    **All Anniversary cards available
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    Mar 24, 2014
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    United States
    down to 3 cards for complete archive...

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