Rare micromon locations.

Discussion in 'Micromon' started by Alrikster, Aug 2, 2014.

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    Pococo is not worthy of being captured you will eventually switch it as soon as u get a better one I got dr 9 Pococo am looking for better catch which is ( vidri )
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    where can find vidri? Please post a picture thank you.
  3. got a couple questions I'm hoping you guys can clear up...

    1) Are the Godly micromon still only obtainable through the modules? I have 2 Vaithe (one from gameplay and one from a spin), but I'd love to add the rest to my collection without having to spend money to get them.

    2) Are the fourth evolution starters just super rare to find in Beyond Growtown? I've done a crazy amount of grinding and have yet to see a single one. I got Vigaras from a spin, and thats the only way I even have one of them.

    Thanks guys!
  4. I found out that you can get the godly micromon vaithe without eggs just Onto YouTube and look it up its awesome to have vaithe with you he's so op!
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    I found it in the grass patch by the cave where you find a special chip
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    I have been looking for a wild Finleon in Navia for freaking ever, where have others found him? I found like 3 Findores in the patch of grass above Slider's cave, and I even found a Findoran in the 1st area of Navia. But no Finleon. No luck in the module thing either. Where exactly have others found him??
  7. I found a low dr flair but it already had two of the special moves power Ray and meteor
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