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    so, after shusui's blade, beiorg armor is available to craft. well, after 6th try, I was able to defeat beiorg. actually, he is not really hard to deal, as long as you have right unit for fight him.

    I am a F2P player, so I think this team is easy to achieve. I'll give alternative if you dont have the units in your inventory. my team is:

    Lucius lead --> occult treasure + war demon's blade
    Rhoa friend --> xentar + heresy orb
    Selena --> lexida + impiety orb
    Vishra --> occult treasure + war demon's blade
    Krantz --> phantom gizmo + heresy orb
    Tridon --> tridon trident + rakshult gem

    the reason why I dont bring any critical buffer because the lower body. beiorg lower body is very fragile and also susceptible with poison and critical damage up, when main body is immune with crit damage up, EWD, and poison. if you destroy lower body very fast, it'll hard to maintain SBB gauge every turn.

    unlike sushi, there is no stance when fight beiorg. the only think you must read is in 4th, 11th, and next on. beiorg will get damage reflect buff and will make your unit HP become 1 if you hit the main body. for the trick, I usually attack with 5 unit and using krantz SBB when all of my unit HP become 1. beside damage reflect, beiorg will inflict heavy DoT sometimes, which can be countered with HoT. rec buff is important, but not mandatory because I still can clear it without nadore.

    this is the buff/utility/LS you must cover in your team
    * HP up (in LS or BB/SBB)
    * add BB gauge when spark
    * add BB gauge when hit
    * earth elemental buff
    * BC and HC drop rate
    * DEF up (DEF up base on other stat also welcomed)
    * ATK and REC up (not mandatory, but will make your life easier)
    * spark damage up (also in LS)
    * heal over time
    * burst heal (not mandatory, but will make your life easier)
    * status infliction (not mandatory, but will make your life easier)

    drop rate is good. I get 2 rare material in 2x try. I suggest to farm at least 10 to make 5 beiorg armor. this is very good sphere, give stats (all stats +40%), HP regen, and chance to recover HP when hit (40% to recover 30% HP from damage dealed). well, basically this is occult treasure + phoenix orb...

    I still want to change the team for better damage, but as F2P, my inventory is kinda.... yeah. I cant get all of the unit I want to use. so, good luck for farming....
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