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    About parts hunt:

    Is it true that blue part come from first strikers.
    Green from defenders
    and red from assaulters?

    Or there is a chance that a "normal" tank will drop red part if it was stated that theres a chance to drop one?

    Currently my setup:

    Ace, Rocky Road, Lighting, Lighting

    Trickster is on the making.
    And can do a Cpt blitz.

    What setup would you suggest drom theese tanks?

    Also regardin the first 8 Exclusive tanks.
    Which is the best to pick, or which to evade like fire?

    Thank you for your informative answers
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    The first part you said is correct on tank drops.

    Now as for the second part the tanks you have are ok for starter tanks. Trickster is a good pick up too.

    For exclusive tanks I would stay away fro anything that has Hotshot, I would stay away from multi strike also. Short circuit is ok... but all it is, is a high damage attack with a side effect.

    Tanks I would recommend from the exclusive tanks would be Desolation, Cage Match, and typhoon if you need a assault tank.
    Carrion is also good if you are running a triple first strike team or a double first strike team with a support tank although I would prefer the alternative.

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