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Discussion in 'For Trade' started by SuddenNuke, Mar 15, 2018.

  1. SuddenNuke

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    I have a boatload of cards I can trade. Currently i'm looking to build the mother of all Resistance forms.

    What I NEED

    4 SK40 (or SK50) Rey Jedi in Training
    1 SK50 Finn to Take a Stand
    4 SK40 (or SK50) BB-8 the Final Piece
    1 SK40 (or SK50) General Organa Leader of Hope
    2 SK40 (or SK50) Maz Kanata Passing a Legacy
    A handful of 4* Rose Cards

    What I HAVE


    ⦁ Ahsoka Tano
    ⦁ Ahsoka WP
    ⦁ Ani DW x2
    ⦁ Ani Pad
    ⦁ Chewie AHR
    ⦁ CC Rex P2
    ⦁ CC Cody x2
    ⦁ Old Han x2
    ⦁ Han HS
    ⦁ Han QD x3
    ⦁ Hera Syndulla
    ⦁ JJB GS x2
    ⦁ Leia ATTS
    ⦁ Leia Princess x2
    ⦁ Luke HTE
    ⦁ Luke Hermit x2
    ⦁ Yoda DE
    ⦁ Yoda EoD
    ⦁ Obi Pad
    ⦁ Padme SaW
    ⦁ Plo Pilot
    ⦁ Rey SB x2
    ⦁ Sabine Wren

    Evo 1
    ⦁ BB-8
    ⦁ Yoda EoD

    ⦁ Chewie x5
    ⦁ SK40 Chewie HoK x2
    ⦁ Han SFH
    ⦁ SK1 Luke MoD
    ⦁ Sk40 Luke MoD
    ⦁ SK40 Luminara
    ⦁ SK40 Mace MoV +
    ⦁ Yoda EoD x2
    ⦁ SK40 Padme FT

    ⦁ Chewie x4
    ⦁ SK50 CC Cody
    ⦁ Old Han
    ⦁ Old Luke
    ⦁ SK50 Old Mace
    ⦁ SK50 Mace AJB x2
    ⦁ Yoda EoD


    ⦁ Admiral Trench
    ⦁ Ani TFO x2
    ⦁ Old Sidious
    ⦁ Vader HMB
    ⦁ Old Dooku
    ⦁ Dooku DL
    ⦁ Fifth Brother Inquisitor
    ⦁ General Veers
    ⦁ Nute
    ⦁ Stormtrooper
    ⦁ SCP
    ⦁ Snoke x2

    Evo 2
    ⦁ Jango Fett
    ⦁ SK40 Nute


    ⦁ Wampa


    If you send a dumb offer, you will be called out for it.

    As it's apparent I should have posted this initially but I wasn't thinking this morning. I will accept ANY trade offer so long as it is fair. The point is to build up to the mentioned cards above, not just get them to boot.
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  2. Franstle

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    Dec 17, 2017
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    Kid, you made me laugh so hard that I had to take a time to answer your post:

    First of all, you’ll never get those cards you are LF with a cr@p FT list like that.

    Second, your list is full of random low tier bases and evos. With luck you may get some bases (few) of cards you are LF.

    Third, “if you send a dumb offer...” that part is the funniest! You won’t probably get a single offer since game is ending and Appinvasion is dead plus (again) your list is ridiculous compared with the cards you are after.

    That’s what I’ll miss the most, the good and loud laughs for kids posting their tr@sh asking for the top cards in game LMFAO.

    Thank you so much for the laughs!!!!
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  3. Timus Bonini

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    Hahaha Indeed!

    @Daniel Giuliano check this out! LOL
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  4. SuddenNuke

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    Oct 18, 2014
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    First off, never once did I say for those cards, I stated that I NEED them. The point of the post was to trade up piles of cards for cards of trade value that i could use for the cards I need.

    Secondly, YOU are the reason the trade community crashed. It's insanely difficult to trade any card because you have to overpay for ANYTHING in the market. Tekka is a mod tier card not because of his skill but because of his versatility, it doesn't mean he couldn't be a top tier card if there was a higher resistance card base.

    Don't be a sourpuss. The games almost over with anyway. Don't like the post, don't say anything.
  5. Franstle

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    Dec 17, 2017
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    Think you didn’t get it. I LOVED the post hahahaha

    Everything was already said. Hope to see more from you till game ends hahaha
  6. zaymac

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    Sep 8, 2014
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    Bro. There's only a month to go until the game dies. And not many people are still playing and even less are trading.

    You'd have a better chance trading up a red paperclip into a house.

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