New Year Events + New Years 3 Gem summon gate!

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    We are TWO days away from new year and would like to celebrate 2017 with a BANG!

    Coming your way are these delectable treats from us to you:

    Log In Giveaways

    Count down with us to the New Year and LOG IN anytime within December 31, 00:00 PST until January 2, 23:59 PST and get the following New Year presents!
    • 20 Imps (5 sets of Power Imp Pakpak, Guard Imp Ganju, Healing Imp Fwahl and Vigor Imp Molin)
    • 1 Summon Ticket
    • 7 Experience Tonic

    New Year Heavenly Paradise

    The Heavenly Paradise Vortex dungeon is open from December 29, 0:00 until January 3, 23:59 PST.

    Each day, Summoners can enter ONCE into Heavenly Paradise Vortex dungeon and may stand to gather either Frogs, Imps or Elgifs!
    • Imbued Tablet Elgif - Goddess's Protection (Negates all status ailments)
    • Imbued Tablet Elgif - Hermit's Barrier (Negates Atk, Def, Rec reduction effects)
    • Imbued Tablet Elgif - Tablet of Vitality Lv. 5 (50% boost to max HP)
    • Imbued Tablet Elgif - Divine Oracle Lv. 3 (20% boost to Atk, Def, Rec, max HP)

    Forbidden Tablets

    Premium Elgifs will gather at the Vortex - Forbidden Tablets that will open from January 4, 0:00 until January 8, 23:59 PST.

    So make sure you get ready to make that journey as you wouldn't want to miss out!
    We have brought a touch of old to the new with our Special 3rd Anniversary Commemorative Video that is up at - so remember to watch and share it as it offers a glimpse of the highlights of our wonderful yesteryears!

    Thank you for joining us in our countdown / wrap up of Year 2016!



    As the New Year rolls in and brings forth more Brave challenges to conquer, a Special New Year Summon Gate has opened from December 30, 7:00 PST until Jan 03, 06:59 PST to assist you in your adventurous voyage!

    New Year Summon Gate
    • Summon pool consists of Kulyuk batch onwards and Omni potential units (excluding Global Exclusives)
    • 3 gems per summon or 1 summon ticket
    • 5+1 guaranteed Bonus Omni Potential Unit
    The +1 Bonus Omni Potential Unit that is awarded with a 5x Summon will be from the pool for the following days:

    Day 1 and 2 - Bonus Units
    Elimo, Quaid, Johan, Lyonesse, Hisui

    Day 3 and 4 - Bonus Units
    Zelnite, Rize, Gyras, Garrel, Zekt

    Additional Notes:
    • Limited Time Edition units and Collaboration Units will not be included in any of these Summon Gates.
    What are you waiting for? Grab these new units and be stronger, better and more powerful for the challenges that await this New Year! Summon Now!
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    It's been 3 eternities since I've been here

    There's been no change though

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    May as well post their New Year Greetings here


    New Year Message from Brave Frontier Global Team

    The Brave Frontier Global Team would like to wish all of our players a Happy New Year! Our recent 3rd Anniversary Celebration will not be possible without your constant support and encouragement over the past 3 years. We wholeheartedly would like to thank our players and community.

    We were wondering if Brave Frontier has become an integral part of your daily lives as much as it has for ours.

    Remember those times when you feel compelled to enter the Arena to fulfill the Daily Tasks just to redeem a Summon Ticket on the 22nd day? Or that feeling of obligation of sending the correct daily gifts to your friends, or risk getting kicked off their Friends List? Or do you often find yourself trying to maintain the consecutive login counts at all costs just for the chance of getting those precious daily gems? It is too familiar -- for all of us.

    From the start, our team has set out to make Brave Frontier Global enjoyable and different from the other versions. We wanted to present something that would set us apart. Something unique only to the Global version, suitable for the tastes and playing styles of our global audience.

    Hence, in our inaugural year we launched our very first Global Exclusive Units -- the Battle Maiden series, followed by our originally designed Units, Xenon and Estia. Following that, we released three main series: Soul Bound Saga, World of Eneroth, and the currently running Fuinsignum’s Caprice. They have since gone on to spawn various Exclusive Raid Quests, Grand Quest missions, and Trials that served to present unique challenges to players.

    On the Features side, Daily Tasks were built in to keep our players engaged and fulfilled. Auto-Battle was first introduced in the Global Version to make grinding easier, and we further refined it thereafter with more programmable orders and actions.

    Along the way, more content and “quality of life” improvements were made to the Global version as well, and all of these we owe to the constructive feedback received from the global community throughout the years. We are extremely thankful to all players for your support during this long journey, for you are the fuel that has kept us running and helped us through the years!

    Fast forward to 2016 -- a busy, yet fulfilling year. We were of course, excited to celebrate our 3rd Anniversarymilestone as this is considered an illustrious achievement for a mobile game! And now, as we usher in another year, we are excited to share with you guys what you can expect from Brave Frontier Global in 2017.

    To all fans and players -- we assure you that 2017 will be a noteworthy Year of Invigoration as we will be bringing even more exciting new features and content to Brave Frontier Global!

    Coming up in Spring 2017 is the Official Release of the Global Exclusive Guild Raid Feature. You will also see more additions, such as the Objective System and Season Rewards being rolled out.

    Come Mid-February, Fei and Fang will make a comeback and receive their Omni Evolution upgrade. Additional Units from the stories and delightful collaborations are underway in the first quarter as well.

    We are also planning to release the revamped Challenge Arena, with improvements made to the grinding, streamlined tiering, and improved ranking systems in the second quarter. In the third quarter, we intend to focus on making improvements to Guilds, while providing alternative gameplay exclusively for the Global version.

    On the Global Exclusive storyline, our team is exploring further expansion on the story of our existing main series
    (Soul Bound Saga, World of Eneroth, and Fuinsignum’s Caprice) into various game modes!

    Moving forward, we would like to invite all players to remember our #3BraveYearsAndMore and continue to#BeALegend. Go forth with us on this journey, grow with us, and stay tuned to all that is in the pipeline! Believe that we - the Brave Frontier Global Team - will ensure that Brave Frontier Global stands out from the other versions, and strive on to provide the best playing experience to all of our players!

    Thank you once again for your unwavering support. And as we welcome a Brave New Year, we would like to wish you all a Happy, Healthy, and Successful 2017!


    So yeah, they pretty much throwing shades at JP with this announcement lol
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    They're just trying to stay employed with the above message.

    Not fooling this guy.
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    Wow I love random greetings being picked as winner

    Sidenote, I'm salty that 45 pulls didn't net me a god damn single Lyonesse or Alessa to complete my classic unit list.
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