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    Facebook Announcement (click here to view)

    Greetings Guardians!

    Named after the dark lineage of the Keronic Overloards, it is our pleasure to announce the opening of a new server - Balos!

    For the time, for Balos server Unique and Legendary Recruit rate will be raised up by a SIGNIFICANT amount!

    Additionally, we'll be having a 'Grand Opening Event' for Balos Server *only* from when the maintenance break is over until Nov. 30th (23:59 EST).

    For our Guardians on the new server, we will be giving them:

    1) 1.5 Hero EXP!
    2) +3 to Honor Points exchange!
    3) 30% Discount at the Honor Shop!

    ** Guild Raids for Balos server will begin on 24th November.

    Get ready for the new "Balos" server Guardians!

    On the side note, if you guys want to try the Balos server feel free to use my refferal ID:

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