New Rebel squad looking for active players - The_577th_Legion.

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    The_577th_Legion is a new rebel squad looking for active, communicative players.

    The three founder members left our previous squad as it had started to fall inactive with the squad leader losing interest.

    Our primary aim is to compete in - and obviously win - squad wars and for this we need keen players who are willing to communicate and strategise.

    Squad rules: Open to anyone with 500+ medals; Communication is through the Line app; Donate what's requested; Request/donate often and invest reputation in the squad; STAY ACTIVE! Members who are inactive for over seven days without notice will be removed from the squad.

    Come and check us out. We're happy to take new players and share strategies, advice and battle replays for the benefit of the squad.

    ObiTwo, Marsal & spacebear, The_577th_Legion

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