New event style - dead game?

Discussion in 'General' started by Anger, Aug 31, 2014.

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    Many posters have been of the opinion that the game is dead or dying but with the addition of a new event I think DeNA is trying to refresh the user experience with something new. I am on the fence with the new event. I ranked well but I did nt like the fact that it was simple looking at the same wall for the entire event. Give us a map. Also, the silly fortune teller was more of a penalty than a reward. The "boss" fams where also for the most part penalties as opposed to rewards. When you get to the gold tier it was more often a penalty as the points were not high enough. Regardless, it is nice to see some game changes. I hope they tweak that event to make it better. I have to wonder how the top 130 L got rewarded to anyone .I played ALOT and just got one realm completed. I am not sure how anyone was able to get all 3 completed.
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    I do think the number of active players is going down, but the game can still last for some time yet.

    I did only one level in might and was still ranked in the 20k of this realm which was the most popular.

    Partly agree with the fortune thing, was quite active and didn't once get the "right" card. I think 1/8 would be too high and might make it too expensive for paying players to get a heads up. Maybe 1/20 and then tell us what it really is, instead of saying something which is cleaning not the case. But even without the "right" card you do get extra Arena XP.
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    Some accounts are played by more than 1 person. This way you can play almost 24hrs on a single account and with enough resources you can rank high. Playing 18hrs a day for an event takes too much dedication. Some ppl get frustated and quit or are playing a game too long and are not getting any challenges anymore.
    Just play smart and be realistic. If you don't have enough resources, don't be dissappointed not getting ranked high.
    You can save resources by farming on resources. SRB and pvp are events to farm bugles. WBT for ML. If you farmed enough resources, you only need time to play and good allies for team events. This way you can do an L run without spending any money on the game like most top players do. Basically farm for a month and do an L run once a month.
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    im loving this new event, got the L rush reward, rank 181, got 1 more L
    thats 2L w 90+ md & alot of leaf, i think i farmed around 200 leaves, maybe more didnt really count

    u dont need the amulet, i got 6/7x from the witch
    having it of course will help the rush but i just used the free that we got
    standing, i got 61 on might, 70-80 on chaos & 260ish on echoes on rush

    alot of stuffs farmed, cc, 6gh, 4hb & 3md from goblin
    1st - 3rd day play around 8hrs, 4th day play 16 hrs for the rush reward
    & last day barely played, maybe around 3 hrs
    i think 1st few days u should push abit, to push ur arena lvl
    it help having high arena lvl

    sold L reward for 85 gh a piece, 4 cat for 6, 6, 6, 5
    247 gh total. got my md 1:3 so 30+gh
    thats alot of profit for the md spent :)
    but yeah 4th day just push like crazy
    my fave event now :D

    ps: set ur target dont go for top 10/30/50 if u want max profit
    a teammate was aiming top 10, i think she used around 200-300md with alot more playtime
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