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    I do have a suggestion but this would mean a total revamp of Arena system for Brave Frontier.

    Current arena system at higher rank is totally unfair due to below reasons :
    1. Chances of winning is already higher when the Attacker always attack first.
    2. Attacker could always use their SBB but Defender team are limited to only BB even if they had SBB unlocked.
    3. Defender team position are always random. Zelnite/Lodin might not be in the top position to activate their BB first.

    Suggestion :
    1. What to change in Arena to make it more interesting?
    Restructure the arena system on who attack first sequence into a dice roll of 10 for both Attacker and Defender units. This will allowed each unit to have a random chance on who goes first in a sequence, doesn't matter if the unit is on the attacking or defending side.
    - First unit that attack first shall chose the target proceed to attack and move back to it's original position.
    - Second unit will then move to attack and so on.
    - All BC and HC dropped will be absorb once both teams unit has completed their action. This will also be the end of turn.

    2. What about sparking?
    Sparking as of current arena system is already hard enough, but doesn't mean the new system need to remove the spark from the new system.
    - In order to spark, based on above dice roll turn, if the 1st attacker and 2nd attacker unit belongs to the same team, they shall execute their attack action together to spark if their attacking target is the same target.
    - This does not limit to only 2 units attacking at the same time but also possible for 5 units attacking together based on their hidden dice roll.

    3. What about scoring for ABP?
    With the new system it will probably be hard to win arena matches as everyone has the same odds, therefore the points should be calculated based on % of damage dealt to opponents HP and also % of remaining HP of your own units.
    - This way every player whether they win or lose they will still be entitle to ABP increase.
    - Max point for a clean win (killed off all opponents and full HP on all own units) should also be increased from 200 to maybe 500 or 1000 depending on the developer decision, having 200 as of now is too little to rank into 1.3 million takes forever for someone new to get the highest rank rewards.

    4. What order benefits of this new Arena system?
    With the above changes, Arena gets more and more interesting. It opens up for more play style and more challenges to players.
    - Current arena system does not encourage the use of healer or support buffer but with the new change, those unit will be viable for lineup in an Arena team.
    - A countdown timer for current arena is not put to any use, I don't believe having a Draw is possible. The new Arena system will allowed the possibility of a draw match.
    - That is all I could think of for now, but i believe it will definitely bring more fun and benefit if this new system is carefully discuss by the developer team.

    The above idea has been discussed by me together with some other forumers in our FB group.

    Kindly forgive me on my grammar and spelling mistake as English is not my native language and I'm exposed to at least 8 differents language and writings. Jack of all trades, master of none.

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