Need help; can you cancel a tank build?

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    hi there,

    I'm having a problem and im looking for a suggestion.

    There are about 2 days left on this weeks (club)event and i almost have enough mats to build 2x 4* eventtanks(3 rolls hotshot and the chopper about to be released to build). So any moment i can start to build them both.

    But, i also got the parts from the last pvp-event to build an exclusive tank(Dragon Spark), which i started to build just now. I didnt know it takes 7 days to build(The Kraken, also a 4* tank, for instance was only 24h to build if I remember correctly). So speeding up the build costs 350 gems, which i dont have. After 2 days from now the tankbuilds of this event will disappear, and having all the mats is useless after that.

    So, is there a way, except using 350 gems to speed up, pause or cancel the tankconstruction ? Or queue the eventtanks or something so i dont miss out on the chance of building them at all?

    Many thanx in advance.

    PS i also mailed DeNa the same story. Hopefully they are willing to help me out with their special tactics ;-)
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