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Discussion in 'Units' started by adamjackson, Nov 29, 2016.

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    Hi everyone ! I just got back to Brave frontier recently . Didn't had the chance to play it for months just started playing back few days back and really confused with so many things that is added into the game . As for now i need help with my team build up as i don't know what is needed for a full team if someone don't mind explaining what is needed for a full squad and why it would be great !

    -Crimson Regrard




    -Dark Regarus


    I really hope someone can make a team up for me . Im really confused on what is needed for a team . Since the time i start playing the game i still don't really know the basics like what is needed for a team build up and why , how do they(buff) stacks , what is important in the team . Thank you so much !

    ps: if there is a thread explaining all this do link it down below , Thank you !
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    soo as far as stacks go just try not to have more than one unit that goves the same IE. ATTACK UP for all allies is only needed from one unit as the game will over ride and only use the last buff of that type casted.
    there are a few exceptions to this rule IE reduces damage by 50% you can have more than one of these units just to be able to cast it every turn. no these examples i am giving you are from the UNITS BB / SBB / UBB ie there special moves. the leader skill of a unit stacks with a friends soo if you have a zekt and your friend has a zekt they each give 40% boost to health and reduce damage from light and dark by 15% then since there both the leqder all units get 80% boost to there HP and damage reduction from light and dark by 30% .
    this gets added to the bb skill also soo if your fighting a dark unit and have this lead then use the reduce 50% damage then your actually getting 80% damage reduction. and if you use the zekt sbb that stop i believe 15% damage but only from dark and light then your getting a 95% reduction..
    so basically sbb etc that do the samething dont stack and leader skills do. as far as what you need. that depends on the mission etc..
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    now onto making a squad
    zelnite gives you bc on every use to help other use the bb/sbb
    ciara can give all units every type of element damage
    avant gives the best boost to attack from what i see that you have.
    zellha with her omni dose a crap load of damage and will give a status ailment to badguys
    number 5 really depends on you but if you want all omni go for charlotte not mifune as he doesnt live long really mifune is only good for arena

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