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    As the title says, I'm a returning player that left about a year ago and just recently returned to the world of BFGL. That being said, I'm definitely out of touch with the meta and not sure what I should be putting my effort into (and evolving / prioritizing in regards to units) as a Lv. 62 at the moment with all this new content. For reference, I have twelve gems, 70 unit capacity, 110 item cap. My units are listed below:

    6* - Arus (A), Reeze (G), Themis (B), Alice (G)
    5* - Elimo (L), Dilma (L), Faris (B), Elsel (A), Orna (B), Yujeh (G), Shida (A), Logan (L), Kuda (G), Zelban (B), Rowgen (L), Lubradine (L), Zellha (G), Tridon (A)
    4* - Eve (B), Golem (O), Copra (B), Fiora (G), Vael (L), Orna (A), Atro (G), Tyrfing (B), Mifune (B)
    3* - Lance (L), Lario (A)

    Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my ramblings; I appreciate any constructive and useful criticisms or recommendations you have to offer.

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