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    It all started out as a regular service pts run with no anticipation of achieving anything (my highest FH -End before was mid 300k)

    Stage 1: Got the light and dark unit...tried my best to farm weakness and BB at the end (got like 60-70k pts)

    Stage 2: Freaking Lodagass...was just trying to kill it ASAP, popped on DEF pot and it still managed to kill my full health Max lvl 5* lord KRR in one turn...I basically saw no hope in this run

    Stage 3: This one sealed the the fat metal/jewel gods and they do very very little damage...this is my first time seeing them so I figure what the hell, don't think I will get 480k with the bad 2 stages before but lets see how much I can farm off Aems got the metal god down to a few hit very quickly, but it took my Lemia like 30 min to get jewel god down to maybe 1% I BB'ed them to oblivion and shit'ed my pants when I saw the score (second SS)...basically sitting at 440k after stage 3

    Stage 4: My hopes are up...just 40k to go, just need to get pass this stage...which I usually do in my previous runs. Unfortunately, I usually get protector set and could revive but now I am down on a KRR and the battle was very tough. To make it short....I killed everything but the Aem enemy...I had Aem/Phoenix/Elimo left and no items at all. I got Aem down to 10% but couldn't finish it and lost the stage.

    I had no expectation at this point cause I figure the win bonus wouldn't be enough, but lookie here...super close call

    Now onto working on FH - Middle 480k which is a lot harder imo...

    upload_2014-3-13_15-1-44.png upload_2014-3-13_15-2-34.png

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