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    Dear app invasion users,

    some of you might know ayeT-Studios from promoting their app on our mobile marketing platform ( or from the reward apps CashPirate and GiftPanda we own and operate in the Play Store.

    We have been monetizing our own apps mostly with campaigns that were bought and set up on our platform. Since that has worked very well in the past and we are getting more and more advertisers with largers ad budgets, we are now looking for additional traffic source.

    We are happy to announce that you are now able to monetize your app using our service.
    You can now register as a publisher and monetize your users with our Rewarded Offerwall.

    You can choose between:
    - Android SDK
    - iOS SDK

    Check out our Publisher Site:
    You can register an account here:

    Further information you might be interested in:
    - Mimimum payout threshold is $100
    - We have NET30 payment terms
    - Payout via PayPal or Wire Transfer
    - We have constantly more than 1000 campaigns live
    - 80% of all campaigns are from direct advertisers
    - This means you don't get these campaigns anywhere else and thus have above average conversion rates
    - You will get $50 bonus on top of the first $100 you earn

    For additional questions add us on Skype: ayet-studios
    Or contact us at:

    We would be happy to work with you!

    Best regards,
    your ayeT-Studios Team

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