Merger/Looking for a Few GOH men (or women).

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    We currently have 32 members so we have room for 18 more. More spots can be opened up to accommodate more than 18 if needed. The top member has a GP over 2.8, a lot of experience in a top guild, RHan and GK at 7, and experiance running a 31 + star TB.

    We ask 600 guild daily but mandatory minimum is 400. We have a group of good people and we're looking for a few more good people to get back to regular timed Haat runs.

    We use Line and you can reach myself there. My ID is: salacious_crumb
    Display name is: Salacious

    Officers will stay officers when you cross over.

    Drop me a chat and let's get some more people GK and Hermit Yoda!

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