Lunar New Year Events + Log-In Campaign

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    Lunar New Year 2017 Summary of Events
    01-16-2017, 01:22 AM


    Ring in the Lunar New Year with us and celebrate the Year of the Fire Rooster with a bang as a flurry of uproarious activities are wending its way to Grand Gaia!

    We’re talking about sparkling fireworks, exciting giveaways and epic dungeons!

    All set and ready to find out more? Read on!

    Lunar Login Campaign (Jan. 15 PST - Feb. 8 PST)

    Log-in daily to receive fantastic rewards starting January 15, 00:00 PST until February 08, 23:59 PST!

    Look out for the delightful and tantalizing new consumable item:
    Auspicious Oranges - Fill Overdrive Gauge by 20%

    More details HERE

    Lunar Chain Challenge (Jan. 25 PST - Feb. 1 PST)

    Blast through the Lunar Challenges with a Big Bang! Conquer missions from the upcoming Lunar Chain Challenge to collect more Auspicious Oranges, Spheres, and other amazing rewards!

    More details coming soon!

    Lunar Vortex (Jan. 25 PST - Feb. 8 PST)

    Reap good fortune by defeating the blazingly ferocious Phoenix, while picking up new limited edition items to craft Special New Spheres!

    Sphere: Fortunate Phoenix Crest
    40% boost to Atk, 35% boost to max HP, Def, Rec, boosts Spark damage (60%) & negates all status ailments

    Sphere: Prosperous Phoenix Crest
    40% boost to all parameters, boosts Spark damage (80%) , negates all status ailments & reduces damage (10%) taken from Fire, Water types

    Watch out for more info on the updated Prosperity Brawlat a later time.

    Lunar Raid Special (Jan. 28 PST - Jan. 31 PST)

    From January 28, 0:00 PST - January 31, 23:59 PST, prepare for epic Raid Battles and special Raid boosts!

    During the Lunar Raid Special, the following missions will be available:

    Raid Class 5:
    "Shadow over Mt. Ziland"
    (Arstallie, Golvorg, Mistzug, Nalda Delia)

    Raid Class 6:
    "Carnage Manifested"
    (Shusui, Barion, Mora)

    "Clash of Rivals"
    (Beiorg, Mordlim)

    "Elusive Mitsudomoe"
    (Amu Yunos, Melord, Kalon)

    Get the most out of these missions and take advantage of Raid Drop Rate Up during this period!

    Watch out for the free “Fortune Coffer” daily, PLUS more surprises~

    Don’t wait, get together with your fellow Summoners and have an exuberant Lunar New Year celebration. Usher in the Year of the Fire Rooster with your favorite heroes - only in Brave Frontier!

    Official gumi website:
    Official Support Channel:
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    Lots of Login Campaigns lately.

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