Loki or Thor or Jane?

Discussion in 'Character Discussions' started by BFfan, Feb 27, 2016.

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    Hi guys, i have just started this game.. i recently gotten the bio selector for universal type so i can get either 1 hero to 5 stars. I am torn between thor or loki or jane, loki seems like top tier hero to get but thor and jane seems awesome too. Especially jane, her attack animation is just so awesome..

    Currently my main team:
    6* silk
    4* hulkbuster (planning to make it 6*)
    4* ultron ( farming for his bio)

    Will like to ask your opinion on this.

    Should i up hulkbuster to 6*? Should i get loki? Which hero is worth farming or exchanging in the token shops?

    Thank you!
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    First of all, welcome to Future Fight!

    When I first played the game, Hulkbuster biometrics were being given away for free and I just fell in love with his skills and animations and firepower (even though he didn't have a 6* skill at that time). HB was among my first level 60's. I have never regretted the decision to level it first, I still feel that HB is my lady loki buster :D

    Well geared and well equipped Loki with the Lady Loki costume is an absolute terror in Timeline and Battle World. Am I terrified of her? I don't mind admitting it :joyful: So my answer to your question is... whichever of the 2 that you like to stare at for hours in a tiny screen, go invest in it/him/her.
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    What he said. Lady Loki is very formidable...
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