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    Hi all,

    This is a thread to introduce static stats. There is a lot of numbers your gears that do not make sense. This thread is just to make clear certain stats that appear on your gear that do not make sense. Do note that these stats comes from both your gears and ISO-8. The calculable static stats are: Attack Speed, Movement Speed, Critical Damage, Critical Rate, Dodge, Recovery Rate.

    The current stats which I am currently unable to calculate are skill cool down and defense penetration as they are not indicated in any form in character's details at the moment.

    Do note that the static stats affect characters of different levels differently. A 500 critical static stat can give a level 1 character loads of critical rate while it only gives a level 50 character very minute critical rate. Therefore, the higher your level gets, the more static stats you need to keep up with high rate of critical, dodge etc.

    The calculation below are based on the main level caps (as other in between levels matter less):
    4* & below - Level 40
    5* - Level 45
    6* - Level 50

    Calculation method. Every character has a base rate of each stat. For example dodge and critical rate are at 1%, critical damage is at 115%. Most other stats are normalised at 100% with some exceptions (Vision has 110% recovery rate).

    For example, my Captain America is Level 50 with a critical rate of 48.79%.
    We take:
    48.79% (Total Critical Rate) - 35% (Custom Gear) - 1% (Default Stats) - 6.3% (ISO-8) bonus = 6.49% (The amount gained from static stats)

    6.49% / 779 (static stat from gear) + 123 (static stat from ISO-8) = 0.00719512 (rounded up 0.0072)
    The decimal exact number is very vague as I had very slight difference when testing the calculation with different characters but they always round up to 0.0072 when in 2 significant numbers.

    Therefore here is the list of how much % for each 1 point of static stat at each level cap.

    Level 50:
    1 Attack Speed = 0.0028%
    1 Movement Speed = 0.0028%
    1 Dodge = 0.0072%
    1 Critical Rate = 0.0072%
    1 Critical Damage = 0.0144%
    1 Recovery Rate = 0.0076%

    Level 45:
    1 Attack Speed = 0.0032%
    1 Movement Speed = 0.0032%
    1 Dodge = 0.0080%
    1 Critical Rate = 0.0080%
    1 Critical Damage = 0.0160%
    1 Recovery Rate = 0.0083%

    Level 40:
    1 Attack Speed = 0.0036%
    1 Movement Speed = 0.0036%
    1 Dodge = 0.0090%
    1 Critical Rate = 0.0090%
    1 Critical Damage = 0.0181%
    1 Recovery Rate = 0.0089%

    Hope it helped and clear up some things regarding ambiguous stats so that you would know what to optimise during gear option change. I still prefer defense penetration and HP most of the time although I don't have the numbers to calculate their effectiveness but they seem to do the most.
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    Isn't HP a static stat as well? Should be able to calculate that as well.

    If you want to calculate defense penetration, you could try to take a hero with level 12+ or 15+ gear, give him full dp options and do at least 20+ runs in the same level to see the damage output. Then switch all options to skill cooldown or attack speed and do another 20+ rounds. You won't get any exact numbers, but you should at least see what kind of difference it makes.

    Personally I'm thinking that it is closer to the speed stats than the critical stats. In that sense, the critical stats are better, but you'll need both of them to be effective. So it probably comes down to the same.
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    I think hp calculation is not needed since it is 1 is to 1 n shown clearly in character page, therefore no calculation involved as compared to % based stats.. Dp is a lot more vague as we do not have exact values of enemies defense in stages.. While we can draft a rough % of damage increase, we can't give an exact number of anything which is what I am trying to provide in this post.. Likewise with skill cooldown..

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