Injustice Gods Among Us Cheats (Android Only)

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    Hey guys, thought I would share with you how to get the most out of this game and have unlimited credits so you can buy whoever you want. Now I know some of you may have googled "Injustice Hacks" and probably found the fake tools that are nothing but trojan filled surveys which make you believe you can get the tool? Well anyways, I'm here to help you gain full access to the game so you can enjoy all it has to offer without the countless grinding and minimal credit return. This only works for Android since that is the platform I am specifically dealing with.


    This requires root access to your phone/tablet. You will need to root your Android device before you do anything else. There are all sorts of help guides depending on your device, but I am not responsible for bricked devices if you are not familiar with root process. I will say that bricking a device is fairly uncommon and restoring default boot loaders are fairly simple, just in case anything goes wrong.

    -If you are rooted then download the "Game Killer" apk file version 2.60 located here:
    -Next ensure you have the ADB option or debugger option turned on on your device as well as accept applications from 3rd parties
    -Once you install Game Killer on your rooted device, it will ask for root permission. Of course grant it.
    -Next start up the application. The application appears to be a widget in which you can access anytime so fire up Injustice: GAU. You can move the Game Killer widget anywhere on your display, but once you are fully into the game take a look at your current amount of credits. Re-Open Game Killer and type that exact number into the search bar. Ensure you "Auto Search." It is looking for the float numbers that are stored in memory that match that specific data or your current credit count.
    -After you have searched minimize the Game Killer app with the down arrow (inside app next to search bar), and play any random round. I recommend a quick fast beginner round just to speed things up. After you win and collect the payout of the round, and the winning credits are added to your current credits, now re-open Game Killer and search for the new amount. Game Killer will now return the search with just one result which matches your current credits in game.
    -Select the only returned search result which matches your current credit count in game. Now Game Killer will bring up a window to modify the value. Erase the current value and type any number you want in there to give you virtually unlimited credits in game (I.E. 999,999,999). Ensure you hit the option "Modify and Lock" and hit Save.
    -Minimize Game Killer via the down arrow button and while still in game, play one more match. After the match is over VOILA! you will now have basically all the money you ever wanted in game to buy whoever you wanted.

    Now you can buy that ever elusive Red Son Pack and max it out to Elite V status in no time! As for re-charging your characters when they run out of energy, you can also exploit the energy re-charges without having to buy in app purchases. Just do the same trick as above since Game Killer will search for float numbers matching what your current re-charge values are. You will have to re-charge your characters once so the stored numbers can return a more specific value, but the trick works just the same.

    Game Killer is alot like cheat engine for PC's and works on the same principles for those familiar. Anyway, I hope this helps and feel free to ask any questions. I will try to help you through as best as I can, but I cannot be held responsible for the root process on your device. Thanks guys, and enjoy!!
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  3. nikhil

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    How do u grant root permission in samsung tab
  4. Melani

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    Hi, Thanks for this topic,
    Have anyone tried this successfully?
    My device is not rooted and I want to make sure it works before going trough procedure.
  5. Aswini

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    How would i root my samsung galaxy tab 2 bcoz every time i start game killer, it shows me "Root previliege is needed"
  6. whyteshadowz

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    Would this work on other games for their currency such as clash of clans?
  7. awesome

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    awesome this really worked !
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    Sep 1, 2014
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    it works but as a result I got suspended from the online mode... how can I go around it?
  9. eatit

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    Yeah, easy : Don't cheat.
  10. JonathanK

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    Yes and no
  11. cyanotrix

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    works! thanks man!
  12. sparky63681

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    Been searching all over for for a hack for this game will this defo work if I root my phone
  13. Darienswain

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    This shit doesn't Fucking work, Damn liars!.
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    hi there.

    The link isn't working.

    can you re-upload it please?
  15. Dante1691

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    Not working.. on game killer 3.11

    Do i only need to get game killer 2.6
  16. hey how do you apply it and i search and i did as said and didn't work
  17. Guest

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    You need to root the device first . Game Killer does not root the device . It USES root to gain access to modify in app values.

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