Imperial quests all done?

Discussion in 'Tiny Death Star' started by malissas, Nov 14, 2013.

  1. Dennis

    Dennis Guest

    Same here... Imp lv 9, ios7
  2. So game programmers have you folks experienced the big yet? I am running on iOS 6. On an iPhone 4. Please fix this for us- it really is sad not to have that aspect of the game working
  3. Me too

    Me too Guest

    Android on N7 tablet. Same problem...started after I had 10 Imperial Levels. And the Imperial quests did come back for a few hours before cutting out again. Disappointing.
  4. Badman

    Badman Guest

    Both my wife and I have experienced this on the android version hers happened at nine imperial levels, mine at ten.
  5. Sad builder

    Sad builder Guest

    Playing on an iPhone 5. Same issue when I hit 10/16 imperial levels.
  6. Same here

    Same here Guest

    No more after skipping one when I didn't yet have a level for it.
  7. Char Lee O

    Char Lee O Guest

    I'm on windows 8 and also got the message. It also says coming soon when I look on the album so I'm expecting an app update that adds more? Thoughts?
  8. I think I found the issue. When a question mark elevator guy requested a negative floor and it was not delivered to the correct floor we lost our quests. When we successfully delivered a question mark elevator to a negative floor the quests were restored. I noticed with the Christmas update I have not gotten any question mark elevator asking for a negative floor. I am not sure that if one updates to the christmas update without the quests already being restored if the Christmas update will restore the quests or not. Once I successfully delivered a question mark elevator requesting a negative floor to the correct negative floor I regained my quests and have not lost my quests since. I hope this helps you.
  9. dreym walker

    dreym walker Guest

    I built all of the job levels and all I have left is apartment complexes which I really don't need because everyone has their dream job and are level 9, and then those imperial mission levels which haven't given me new jobs for over a week now. Bummer.

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