I need help building a squad for Questing,Raid,Trials,etc

Discussion in 'Units' started by blackcats, Jan 17, 2017.

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    Aug 19, 2016
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    Hello everyone, I left Brave frontier for awhile now and I just started getting back into it.A lot of my units are kind of outdated so I need help with building my squad for Questing,Raid, and trials, etc.

    Current Squad: Julius,Voldoga,Zeldeus,Melchio, Tia ( All 7 star expect tia)

    Units I have that are 7 star:
    Ophelia,Orna,Ahvel,Loch,Lilith,Sodis,Alyut,Logan,S emira,
    Lava,Ramna,Adel,Mega,Reeze,Raydn,Lucina,Vernil,Lun e Piany,Farzen,Quaid, Dion,Estelle,Dure,Rina,Reihard, and Yuura

    I'm also a free player so I'm not looking to spend most of my gems right now. Any help would be appreciated

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    i would spend some gems on the omni unit pull but you have a few u its that csn go omni roght now that are good like quaid and rize

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