How to send complaint to Netmarble?

Discussion in 'General, News and Updates' started by Dibble88, Sep 12, 2015.

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    How do you even send a complaint into Netmarble? There's no visible or easily locatable customer service instant chat feature in this game. I've searched the Netmarble main page in English and the closest I could get from their "Contact Us" page was there physical address in Korea. No email, no customer feedack. I've gone through the game's "Settings --> Support --> A Feedback for Improvements" section just to receive a popup notice of "Abnormal approach." There's a confirm button but it doesn't do anything when I click it. This is really annoying. Do they really want no customer feedback or is there a more absurd roundabout way of doing it? At first I just wanted to send a complaint about how crappy their servers are. The constant refreshing slows down gameplay and takes away from the fun. But now, after trying to find their feedback or contact info, I'd be willing to send a more harassing email.

    Any ideas?
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    1:1 inquiry their response time is excellent and will address any concerns you have. I lost my account didn't have my id number but they fixed my problem within a day.
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    Can I know how do u contact them?? Cos my account is gone too (forgot email). And please make it quick
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    I have updated and since then I have no number,s on my tablet.I can,t tell how much gold, what level my character,s are.No numbers at all.
  5. It makes no differance if your frim the us. netmarble is a n korean company that hates americans. a prime wxample is those who play evilbain. no matter how much time or money you spend, they wont lift a finger to help you. for any reason. americans need to abort n korean companies like netmarble . theres awsome companies without this political hatred going on. anyone needing examples id be happy to give them to you. screw you netmarble and n korea.
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    Wtf. You didnt even say how to contac. ??? I need to send a d*** complaint to Net effing Marble. Idiot. If they responded then hbu say how to contact them. If they were so great and helpful how do we get ahold of them!!?
  8. Millicas

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    How do i contact netmarvel , if the email i use to make the account with, is old, ? The real reason i am here is to asking why my fb are not giving me crystals and are not being count towards the Facebook Alliance Event quest?
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    By now I'm sure this is resolved for you, but for anyone else finding this page from a search: go to SETTINGS in the game then go to INFO then SUPPORT
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    Unfortunately I cannot log into game.. any idea how to contact them out of game?

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    I believe there is info on reddit.
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    That doesn't help because when you click "my inquiry" it doesn't allow you to type anything. All it does is display a notice that your inquiry will be visible for 30 days. It doesn't tell you how to make an inquiry in the first place.
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    Yes, it has happened with me also.
  14. Moonshiner

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    I can't find a phone number any where. They take forever getting back to you. I spent a lot of money in my account now I can't accesses it. They won't refund my money. How can contact a live someone. I need to speak to a human
  15. Ok, I had this same problem . However one of my alliance members helped me with this.

    After you go to Settings- Info- Support

    Click on Purchases then purchase issues then any of the two options ( I am sure this isn't your issue but don't worry we will get there). Scroll down past was this article helpful and there will be a yellow box that says "need further assistance ? Contact Customer Support. Click on that box and it will open up what you are looking for.

    Why they bury this so deep in content rather than putting it on the main screen I don't know.
  16. Subhajit

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    I couldn't find the 1:1 Inquiry option. Can you please help me?
  17. Blues

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    The same fucking thing hpnd to me... how the hell are we supposed to send them emails and tell them our feedbacks or inquirys

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