How to Build a Perfect Weapon or Pet

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    For beginners, this is good to keep in mind as you are not expected to be able to execute this but this is more or less something for the end-game players.

    Basically to get the perfect weapon or pet, you must fully rebirth the weapon/pet and then max it out (including all the rebirth levels) and then evolve it and max those. In simple terms, you need 8 identical weapon or pet to do this.

    For example.

    I'm currently using this bow, Garuda Buster here: [​IMG] If you want this bow to be perfectly build, you have to do the following.

    Obtain 9 copies of Gahn Deva [​IMG]. They are the previous evolution of Garuda Buster.

    Now, what you do is take 1 Gahn Deva, this will be your main weapon. Fuse 4 extra Gahn Deva in your main one and its max level will now 80 instead of 60 (5 levels each rebirth, rebirth 4 times = 20 additional levels). Max it all the way to level 80 and evolve it.

    Your Garuda Buster will now have the perfect base stats. Here is the stats comparison:
    If you evolve at level 1 (meaning no rebirth or leveling)
    • 112 attack and 220 hp
    If evolve at level 60 (meaning no rebirth)
    • 153 attack and 312 hp (30% stats carried over from lv 60 Gahn Deva + base stats of Garuda Buster)
    If evolve at level 80 (meaning 4 rebirths)
    • 175 attack and 368 hp (30% stats carried over from lv 80 Gahn Deva + base stats of Garuda Buster)
    That's about 50% stronger if you fully rebirth and leveled. The difference between the stats gets a lot wider once you fully max.

    Once you evolved your Garuda Buster, you need to evolve the last 4 extra Gahn Deva to Garuda Buster and fuse it all to your main Garuda Buster (perfect base stats one). You just achieved the perfect Garuda Buster bow -- the only thing left to do is max that level!

    Some stats comparison:
    If you ignored rebirth and evolved at level 1, your max stats on Garuda at level 60 will be:
    • 242 attack and 608 hp
    If you ignored rebirth and evolved at level 60, but rebirth on Garuda, at level 95 max stats will be:
    • 322 attack and 847 hp
    If you perfectly rebirth 4 times and evolved at level 80 and rebirth 4 more times on Garuda, your maxed stats at level 95 will be
    • 344 attack and 900 hp
    Now as you can see, the perfect weapon will always have the highest stats, but is the work through all of these justifiable? If you're willing to give up 22 attack and 53 hp, then don't rebirth on SR and just rebirth on the fully evolved one. That way, you only need 5 Gahn Deva instead of 9.

    Keep in mind, this is something that an end-gamer would aim to work towards to. If you just starting out, this is something you shouldn't be worry about unless it's SR+ weapon. Even then, you won't have more than 2 copies of that SR/SR+ weapon anyway. Honestly, unless you're heavily p2p, you're better off maxing your weapon the way it is without rebirth, evolve it and then rebirth in the future if you have extra identical weapons/pets. The difference isn't too big for you to spend crazy amount of money obtaining it.

    Feel free to discuss below.
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