[Heroes] To Use or not to Fuse

Discussion in 'Hello Hero' started by Castiel!, Jul 5, 2014.

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    Jul 5, 2014
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    Hello, I am starting to get stuck on my heroes. :( with that, would like to ask help in organizing/thoughts on which hero to keep or not. Here they are:

    Swordmaiden Lily (30+5)
    Assasin King (30+4)
    Mafia Gapne (30+1)
    Ifrit (30)
    Midfield David (30)
    Marine Jimmy (30)

    Maid Anna (33+5)
    Talisa (33+5)
    Tiamat (33+5)
    Spearmen Lak (30+3) - DEF
    Fighter Yul (30+3)
    Others (all 30): William Burglen,Blue Cloak Tom, Apophis, Nidhogg, Eric, Scorpion, Soldier Lak, Pink Kraken, Teddy Toby, Scarecrow Oren, Houwang, Kibi, Soho

    Officer King (33+5)
    Assasin Ace (30+5)
    Amelia (30+5)
    Others (all 30): Destroyer Schaken, Fafnir, Gilbert, Evil Joker, Queen Sead, Isis, Panda Cub Tao

    As you can see, I have a lot of 4*, which is a pain. I don't have food to get them to +5, 1* takes at most 10 for it to advance for one +. Can you advice which I have to give priority so I can dispose them? Help!!

    I'm from:

    Server: Keronic
    IGN: cast1el
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    Mar 31, 2014
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    Don't worry, we're supposed to be stuck at one point. Just focus on upgrading your existing heroes.

    Assassin King - best provoker with Armor+. Keep for dungeon and perhaps boss/arena. Never fuse.

    Ifrit - steal can be useful for bignose/ arena. Or use Apophis instead.

    David - keep for immune dmg. Can be useful in dungeon/ arena.

    Lily, Gapne, Jimmy - fuse to 6*. You can keep them for a while if you need some dealers. Otherwise always fuse dealers first because they're easier to get.

    Anna - keep for dungeon; otherwise fuse.

    Talisa, Apophis, Gilbert - keep for dungeon/boss/arena.

    Queen Sead - keep, good for early auto-levelling.

    Officer King - fuse, because you already have Assassin King.

    Amelia - keep for dungeon/arena. Very useful. Don't fuse until you get a better one. Even then, you might want to keep 2 debuffers.

    Isis - keep for dungeon/arena. Soldier Lak might also be a good alternative but I don't use him.

    Destroyer Schaken - keep for dungeon/pintarius.

    Rest - fuse

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