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    Ever wonder where your hero ranks amongst the rest? Check here to find out!

    Purple Highlight = Story Hero
    Peach Highlight = Raid Boss Reward ONLY
    Pink Highlight = Can only be obtained through rewards
    The "+" Tier's = Good enough to be a bit higher, not good enough for the tier above.
    God Tier = The Best of its kind
    S Tier = The next best thing for its type (Recommended to use these are your main as the tier above takes luck to get. Rune them with 5* and above grade)
    A Tier = Above Average (This is the starting point towards an awesome team. Rune them with 4* and above grade.)
    B Tier = Average (Not recommended to build your team around these guys, there are way better ones. Use 3* and below runes if desperate. Mainly used as a spot filler until you attain a decent hero.)
    C Tier = Below Average, if you get these after combining for 6 star.... understand that there are better days to come! Use these for feeding your A Tier+ 6stars that you're commiting to (I've been there)
    Trash Tier = These monsters are 5 star at best, always use them for combining


    Bard (Support/Perfect Attack)
    Kaden the Hero (Attack)
    Vega the Gambler (Support/Attack Buffer)
    Lilith the Demonic Princess (Attack)
    Eris the Dancer (Support/Stun)
    Luna the Witch (Fire)
    Aira the Ice Mage (Water)
    Isabella the Vampire (Attack/Healer)

    Black Magician (Support/Healer)
    Beast King (Attack/Crit Buffer)
    Lava Golem MK-1024 (Tank)
    Karladriel the Link Dragon (Fire)

    Li the Monk (Wood)

    S+ TIER

    Sylvia the Archer (Attack)
    Clara the Cleric (Support/Healer)
    Fira the Fire Mage (Fire)

    Lulu the Princess (Support/Perfect Attack)

    S TIER

    Kamelot the Knight (Attack/Starter Hero)
    Tanksalot the Tanker (Tank/Starter Hero)
    Akayuki the Samurai (Attack/Crit Buffer/Starter Hero)

    Ogre King (Tank)
    Demon Swordsman (Attacker)
    Orc Hero (Attack/Mana buffer)
    Mikan the Idol (Support/Stun)
    Lulu the Princess (Support/Perfect Attack)
    Jane the Jungle Girl (Wood)

    A+ TIER

    Yeti (Water)
    Weapon Master (Fire)

    A TIER

    Ceberus (Attack)
    Golem (Tank)
    Vampire Idol (Attack/Crit Buffer)
    Twin Dancers (Support/Healer)
    Terra the Princess (Fire)
    Goblin Tank (Water)
    Aria the Mermaid (Water)
    Lara the Squire (Water)
    Fox Girl (Fire)

    B+ TIER

    Blade Golem (Attack)
    Troll Knight (Tank)
    Valkyrie (Water)
    Ghost (Water)
    Demon Girl (Support/Perfect Attack)
    Elf Archer (Wood)
    Witch's Disciple (Fire)
    Witch's Knight (Attack)
    Eneria the Thunder Lord (Attack/Crit Buffer)
    Tina the Pirate (Water/Crit Buffer/Beta Tester Reward)
    Mary the Engineer (Fire/Pre-Launch Reward)

    B TIER

    Card Soldier (Attack)
    Kang-Kang the Oriental Undead (Attack)
    Vampire Knight (Attack)
    Killer Robot (Attack)
    Nina the Ninja (Attack)
    Succubus (Attack)
    Vampire Swordsman (Attack)
    Joy the Nurse (Support/Healer/Pokemon)
    Giant Skeleton (Fire)
    Mina the Mystic Girl (Water)
    Angel Mage (Wood/Healer)
    Bond Girl (Wood)
    Veronica the Plant Master (Wood)

    C+ TIER

    Fire Elemental (Fire)
    Imp Millionaire (Support/MP recover/Gangster)
    Warhound (Attack)
    Devil Monk (Fire)

    C TIER

    Cyclops (Attack)
    Death (Attack)
    Elen the Noble (Attack)
    Oni Girl (Attack/Wood)
    Dice (Support)
    Soprano (Support/Healer)
    Hero Statue (Support)
    Twin Priestess (Wood/Healer)


    Knight from an alternative universe ("Add me for free 5* reward")
    Mad Scientist (Multi Elemental)
    Noble Orc (Attack)
    Samurai Girl (Attack)
    Bandit Boss (Attack)
    White Tiger (Attack)
    Demonia the Devil (Fire)
    Imp (Fire)
    Robin the Angelic Knight (Water)
    Corrupted Bard Girl (Wood)
    Bandit (Attack)
    Grizzly (Attack)
    Orc (Attack)
    Skeleton Knight (Attack)
    Wolf (Attack)
    Goblin (Wood)

    1st. Black Magician
    2nd. Clara the Cleric
    3rd. Twin Dancers
    4th. Angel Mage
    5th. Joy the Nurse
    6th. Soprano
    7th. Twin Priestess

    Feel free to leave your thoughts below if you agree or disagree. Remember, these ranks can always change if the reasoning is valid and/or if they add new heroes into the game. I will always try to provide my reasoning when needed. This ranking was updated based on April 23rd's 6 star secret HP buff (some got a huge improvement, such as Terra the princess 10k HP --> 12.7K HP).

    PS: This is not Gamevil's official rankings. It is based on established players opinions through alpha, beta and live testing.
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  2. Kerstan

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    Toronto, Ontario
    why is Soprano C Tier? her heals are pretty beastly.
  3. ChickenO

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    When compared to other healers she falls off. She has the lowest Heal stat. Very Low Defence. High amount of taunt ( will be targeted more).
  4. Samurai girl

    Samurai girl Guest

    Why is samurai girl trash tier? The mana buff/freeze don't make her a good unit?
  5. ChickenO

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    Apr 17, 2014
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    It's the fact that there are more units that can do the job better and she can't go to 6* which further adds to her tier.
  6. vyyvucfhfyf

    vyyvucfhfyf Guest

    Robin is trash tier? Shes dealing 20k + damage each hit in my party. Just saying
  7. Yahh iono if orc hero even comes close to standing up against valkyrie
  8. Why is Yeti A+ and Robin the Angelic Knight is trash? I have both of them at 4* and Robin's stats are extremely higher, same level and everything. Does Robin not go to 6*?
  9. Corynthor

    Corynthor Guest

    They fixed Soprano's Def, so hopefully she'll go up in the tier list.
  10. Duy So menly

    Duy So menly Guest

    Where's Elliot the wild?!
  11. James kim

    James kim Guest

    my starting team is li the monk tanksalot Clara lulu and kang kang. Other characters I have are terra joy Lara golem Cosmo Orc hero card soldier Mikan the idol and vampire idol. Should I swap anyone?

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