Guide On getting Free Gems (F2P)

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    Hey guys long time no see! I just started this game and I found that while it is not heavy p2w, some in-app purchases would definitely help. I've started to use this app/website : to slowly get some free in-app purchases. You can basically earn points while leaving it afk playing some videos on mute or you can do activities on it to earn points. These points convert into dollars or giftcards (100 points = $1 USD). I've just started using it in the last two days and I already earned 5 dollars which is little but decent to make an inapp purchase every once in awhile. If would like to recommend you guys to try it out since it is free and it is a legit company with big backings. This is an alternative for f2p players to catch up and maybe splurge a little! This might sound like a promotion but I am just glad companies like them existed, they basically give you some pocket change to buy gems every few days. You can just go google the website or you can use my code (it will give you 500 points bonus which is $5 USD) I just wanted to help you guys out! Have fun and let me know if you have any questions!

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