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    This is a bit of general guide, nothing too in-depth. I hope it helps guide people.
    Account Guide

    1.There are 3 main characters in the game called Guardian Hunter or sinply Hunter: Warrior, Archer, and Sorceress.
    2.Each stages has 3 difficulty levels; Normal, Hard, and Elite Mode.
    3.After clearing a stage under Normal Mode, Hard Mode will be unlocked and so on.
    4.Clearing all 3 requirements per stage per mode will give you FREE CRYSTALS.
    5.Stamina is needed to Enter Stages. 1 stamina will be recharged for every 20 minutes or you can buy it directly from Treasure Shop(will cost you Crystals)

    Hunter Guide

    ~ Three types of Hunter
    1.Warrior. Melee + High Def & HP
    2.Archer. Range + High Crit Hit
    3.Sorceress. Range + Splash damage
    NOTE: You can change your hunter anytime

    Equipment Guide

    1. There are 5 grades for hunter equipment; Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, and Legend.
    ….Normal Lowest grade, no highlight, & no additional bonus
    ….Magic Green highlight & 1 additional bonus
    ….Rare Blue highlight & 2 additional bonus
    ….Unique Purple highlight & 3 additional bonus
    ….Legend Orange highlight & 3 additional bonus
    2.Only the hunter’s weapon and armor can be enhanced using enhancing stone. Max enhance is +7.

    Guardian Guide


    ~ Guardian Menu
    1.List – list of obtained guardians. You may also train and equip runes in this menu
    2.Evolve – Evolution means upgrading a guardian to the next grade (e.g. 4* Sunshine Lily to 5* Shining Lily) assuming that you max the guardian’s level and have +4 enchantment
    3.Sell – This option obviously let you sell unwanted guardians free some space on your guardian inventory. (NOTE: to avoid accidentally selling Guardians you need, go to LIST> click guardian> click heart emoticon on the top right side the guardian panel. This option will disable you to sell guardians with ♥)
    4.Book – List of guardians obtainable in the game as well as guardian that you collected. This menu will also give you full information of all available guardians.

    ~ How to obtain Guardians
    1. By hunting in every stage. (Chances of obtaining guardians varies, higher grade guardian have lower drop rate)
    2. Opening Summon Scrolls. You can obtain summon scrolls from events, gift from the admins, daily log-in bonus, or buying from the shop using crystal or medals.

    ~ How to Level up your Guardian
    1.Go to List> click guardian>Train
    2.To level up guardian, you need to sacrifice another guardian +pay the gold cost.
    3.You can sacrifice at most 4 guardian per train
    4.Zombie Guardian gives the highest exp compared to other guardians. There are 6 types of Zombies in the game(see BOOK for more info)
    5.The exp gained depends on the grade (no. of *) and level of the sacrificed guardian.
    6.The training cost depends on the level of the guardian being trained.
    7.To avoid accidentally sacrificing Guardians you need. Go to LIST> click guardian> click heart emoticon on the top right side the guardian panel. This option will disable you to sacrifice guardians with heart emoticon
    ~ Leveling your guardian efficiently and cost effectively
    1. The best units to give experience to your guardians are zombies
    2. There are 6 different types of zombies. These are the Lifeless Zombies, Echo Zombies, Pale Zombies, Furious Zombies, Gold Zombies, and Hip-Hop Zombies.
    3. There are special areas where you can obtain zombies. These are zombie dungeons and are recognized by icons other than crossing swords. They are also called lairs. In addition, you can also attain units that make it to 6 star rarity, and 3 crystals for each all clear reward in dungeons.
    4. To enter a Dungeon you need to have a key and 1 stamina. You gain 10 keys at 0:00 JST.
    5.Keys are deleted after you have more than 10 so make sure to use them all daily! This excludes those found in your invertory
    6. If you do not have a key then you may use 5 crystals to enter the dungeon along with the 1 stamina.
    7. There are 5 of these dungeons, currently.
    8. The first lair you can enter is the Dark Forest Ruins. It has Lifeless Zombies which each grant 5,000 base experience.
    9. The second lair you can enter is the Legend of the Desert . It has Echo Zombies which each grant 10,000 base experience.
    10. The third lair you can enter is the Dark Knight Grounds. It has Pale Zombies which each grant 19,500 base experience.
    11. The fourth lair you can enter is the Flame Dragon Grounds. It has Furious Zombies which grant 40,000 base experience.
    12.The fifth lair you can enter is the Ridge Destroyer Grounds. It has Gold Zombies which grant 70,000 base experience.
    13. Hip-Hop Zombies are obtainable in special events.
    11. I highly recommend that you sell all units other than zombies that do not make it to six star, unless you will use them to enchant those who can to make it to 6 star.
    ~ How to Evolve your Guardian
    1.To evolve guardians, you’ll need to max your guardian’s level, have +4 enchantments, collect all guardian materials needed, and have enough gold.
    2.To enchant guardian. You need to feed your guardian with another guardian at the same grade (e.g. 3* guardian + 3* guardian = 3* Guardian with +1 enchantment). You may enchant guardians up to +4.

    Rune Guide

    ~ Runes
    1.Runes can be obtain from defeating Bosses in BR (Boss Raid).
    2.Runes have 3 grades. Higher grade runes may be obtained by defeating stronger bosses
    3.Runes cannot be evolve but you can train it to a higher level
    4.There are 4 types of runes that can be equipped to your guardians for additional bonuses (attk, crit, hp, & def rune)
    5.You can only equip runes to a guardian if they have the same element (e.g. Ice guardian can only be equipped with ice runes)
    6.Runes are sent back to your inventory when you evolve a guardian equipped with rune/s.

    Guild Guide

    1.Guilds are available when you reach level 15.
    2.You may create your own guild for 200,000 gold or join other existing guilds.
    3. You can donate gold to your guild to help gain more guild points which may be used to fight guild raids.
    4. There are multiple guild levels which yield advantages for the guild members.
    5. You can also gain guild points use on certain bonuses such as increased guardian hp.

    Weekly Dungeon Guide

    This dungeon serves as hunting grounds for material guardians (used to evolve Guardians to the next grade).
    1.Gold Dungeon – Appears every Saturday and Sunday. Best dungeon for earning gold.
    2.Monday Dungeon – The only dungeon where you have a chance to hunt all guardian materials from Tue to Fri Dungeons.
    3.Tue to Fri Dungeon – You can only hunt specific guardians depending on a specific day of the week. (e.g. Slimes are only available during Thursday Dungeon).

    Match Guide

    ~ Infinite Dungeon
    1.Infinite Dungeon is a dungeon which enables you to fight monsters until your Hunter HP or the time limit hit 0.
    2.As you advance to higher stages, the dungeon difficulty also increases.
    3.You may obtain gold or additional time for every monster you kill.
    4.You can bring 2 guardians to aid you in the dungeon.
    5.Potions are not available inside infinite dungeon.
    6.Points will be calculated after the game ends. It will also be used as basis in Ranking.
    7.After 7 days, rewards will be given depending on your rank.
    8.Max holdable count for attempts of infinite dungeon is 5 which is rechargeable every 30 minutes.
    9. There also rewards for playing infinite dungeon a certain amount of times, where more than 41 attempts a week grants you the best reward in that sphere.

    ~ Guardian Arena
    1.The only PVP system in the game
    2.You may assign up to 5 Guardians as your team in the arena
    3.The game ends when all your opponent’s guardians (or your guardians) are defeated or the time limit hits 0.
    4.Points will be calculated after the game ends and will be added to your weekly accumulated points. Your total accumulated points will serve as the basis in Ranking.
    5.After 7 days, rewards will be given depending on your rank.
    6.Max holdable count of attempts for Guardian Arena is 10 for each of which is rechargeable every 30 minutes..

    Earning Crystals and Mileage

    ✫Earning Crystals✫
    There are several ways to obtain crystals in the game;
    1. Buying crystal from the treasure shop
    2. Clearing all 3 requirements per stage per mode will give you crystals.
    3. Finishing Quests
    4. Max a guardian’s level for the first time. The number of crystals you receive will be based on the guardian’s grade.
    5. Inviting Facebook Friends. For more info about Facebook Invite, Click Menu> Friend> Find friend

    ✫Mileage System✫
    1.Certain amounta of mileage points will be given depending on how much crystals you spent in the shop(so f2pers can gain mileage). Rewards will be given upon reaching certain mileage %. Here's the rewards list:
    30% Stamina
    60% 5 Premium Dungeon Keys
    90% Rune Box
    100% 5* Guardian Summon Scroll
    2. When you reach 100%, your mileage point quantity will reset,

    More info on these topics shall be coming soon.
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    This is very helpful!

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    How can I contribute to the guide?
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    im looking at infiniti dungeon guide for top 1 til top 10
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    i try search youtube and guide none of it able to show me
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    i really want to know.

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