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    Ready for a nice run! I have left BB, as HS has went mobile. Played this account for about a year on a regular basis. Never flagged, or reported, only lurked on the BB....

    Rather than selling these individually I am just selling the entire account. You will have either a very nice, agility based ranking team, or sell everything and end up with massive GH!

    Located in the US.....

    So here it is:

    Golden Lance Warlord:

    Level 170 Fully CC'd

    Tears of the Hideous
    Glittering Flame
    GOW 3

    Now, let's talk about available resources. You are getting:
    (BB = Blood Bound)

    Mandrake x 3
    Mandrake (BB) x 3
    True sight amulet x 16
    Mandrake leaf x 153
    G horn x 99
    G horn (bb) x 13
    Bugle x 443
    Pan. x 1
    Elixir x 106
    Sage x 255
    Hearts blood x 6
    Hearts blood (bb) x 16
    Blood meal x 968

    Shade 1 x 363
    Shade 2 x 54


    Hp x 58
    Attk x 62
    Def x 79
    Wis x 52
    Agi x 63

    Gold x 3,622,312
    Blood coin x 20

    Now for the familiars! I am only listing the upper realm here. The account is packed with countless more EP and R. A note on L, EP's listed: They are POPE evolutions unless listed! They should also be level maxed unless noted too!

    L2 Vlad
    L1 Premy
    L1 Magdel Dragonheart
    L1 Wyrm Warden level 44
    L1 Wyrm Warden level 46

    Ep2 Kalevan 2
    Ep1 Kalevan
    Ep2 paladin of Scorpio 2
    Ep2 paladin of Sagittarius 2
    Ep4 Hoska (not pope)
    Ep1 Olan tricky succubus
    Ep2 Icarus 2
    Ep2 Pelops 2
    Ep2 Achilles 2
    Ep1 Pollux
    Ep1 Europa
    Ep2 Flesh Golems x 3 (none pope)
    Ep1 Ijiraq
    Ep1 Ushabti x 2
    Ep1 Ausgoss Jailer x 2
    Ep1 Iron Golem

    The rest of account is filled with better quality rares for example:

    Hoska x 1
    Dong x 2
    Stitcher witch x 2
    Belisma x 3
    Fimul x 4
    Blue Egg x 1
    Odin x 2


    Again, I'm selling this in one shot. I am a paypal merchant and will accept payment via paypal. I will release account as soon as I get funds. To purchase make a reasonable offer (or for questions) TEXT MESSAGE ONLY:

    (505) - four hundred - 1563

    Thank you for your time.

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