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    A few things to keep in mind before you go out on your journey...

    Your main energy system is from Swords.
    You get 7 Swords and they replenish every 12 minutes.
    A Quest event uses up 1 Sword.

    *Note* Leveling up as a team replenishes all of your swords.

    Try to move your characters in squares or rectangles and avoid leaving inaccessible blocks hanging off of the ends. Clearing all blocks before the match ends grants a "Perfect Attack" where every team member attacks the remaining enemies.

    The "Notebook" icon from the home screen will tell you all of the Heroes that you have already summoned.

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    Make sure you don't spend your gems on just the 50 Gem Summon. They're best used for the 500 Gem Summon so you can get a guaranteed 4*. Gems are plentiful throughout the game so you won't have a problem stacking them up.

    The best way to make money? In most games the energy count would rise as you fight through harder levels, but seeing as your maximum Sword count doesn't rise with your level; They've made every dungeon cost 1 Sword. Use this to your advantage by doing the hardest dungeon you can auto the easiest. Sell your 1* Units. Also, make sure you use the friend system and send out swords and receive them. You can earn up to 40 Swords a day. One more tip, go back and complete previous tower floors for extra gold.

    SAVE YOUR 3* - 6* Runes

    I can not stress this enough. Save all your 3* - 6* runes for 4* - 6* heroes. I prefer to use 3* - 4* runes on my 4* - 5* Heroes and saving my 5* - 6* runes for my 6* Heroes. Runes will be destroyed through evolution and combining, so be careful when equipping runes. It will cost you 30 - 200 Gems to save those 4* - 6* runes you accidentally equip.
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